• 3 reasons to attend xfluence, the premier experience management conference

    Todd Leach | Feb 4, 2020
    I’ve been attending SMG events for more than 10 years. The one thing I consistently hear from clients is there is no better opportunity to connect with fellow peers and share meaningful conversations about program successes and challenges.
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  • SMG Client Connect 2019: Prioritising humanity in the customer experience

    Jeremy Michael | Nov 18, 2019
    This was the seventh year SMG has hosted this event in London. As always, I was inspired by the calibre of the audience, as well as the amount of impactful, cross-industry conversations that took place.
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  • CX Day celebrates brands that put the customer first—every day of the year

    Todd Leach | Oct 1, 2019
    Today marks the 7th annual CX Day, a global celebration of exemplary customer experience and the professionals who make it happen. To commemorate the day, we spoke with 3 passionate CX pros to find out what they love most about helping their teams deliver a great customer experience.
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  • Go team! How SMG drives employee engagement through team-building

    Kim Klosak | Jul 1, 2019
    At SMG, we believe in strength in numbers—which is why team-building is such an important part of our company culture. It’s also why the word “people” was mentioned most in our recent Great Place to Work survey, with 95% of SMG employees saying “People care about each other here.”
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  • SMG celebrates its first annual Day of Giving with community engagement projects

    Kim Klosak | Apr 26, 2019
    We’ve been headquartered in Kansas City for 28 years and giving back to our community is not just important to us—it’s a part of our company culture.
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  • Forum 2019 | Innovate with purpose

    Shad Foos | Mar 19, 2019
    In today’s dynamic marketplace, innovation is paramount to your brand’s success. One can’t simply run on autopilot and believe what works today will hold up tomorrow. But it’s not just a matter of changing for the sake of change—to remain relevant and gain competitive ground, your brand must evolve.
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  • How can you engage others to achieve your business goals?

    Diana Kander | Feb 21, 2019
    For the final post in “The Curiosity Muscle” series, best-selling author and previous SMG Forum keynote speaker Diana Kander weighs in on how to create the most innovative version of yourself and your business.
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  • Innovate with purpose at SMG Forum 2019

    Ken White | Jan 10, 2019
    The beginning of the year means Forum go-time here at SMG. Our annual CX leadership event—this year held from March 4–6 at Four Seasons Orlando—is a much anticipated gathering of CX professionals and industry thought leaders.
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  • Recognizing loyalty: How SMG helps employees mark 10-year milestone

    Employee Spotlight | Dec 14, 2018
    When SMG employees reach their 10-year milestone, they are gifted a designated amount to go towards a vacation or experience. We talked with a few employees about their anniversary trips and took a look back at their 10 years at SMG.
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  • The next generation of CX | Client Connect 2018

    Jeremy Michael | Nov 29, 2018
    Standing on stage at SMG Client Connect this month really made me appreciate how much the CX industry—and our company—has grown in the past few years. From our first UK client event with just a handful of brands to this month’s gathering of nearly 100 CX professionals, we’re in the midst of an exciting transformation.
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  • Is your organization focused on what matters most to customers?

    Andy Fromm | Nov 27, 2018
    In today’s tech-driven, digital world, focus can be a challenging act. We have more and more resources, options, and channels delivering us information every second. In fact, the human population is now said to have an attention span of just eight seconds—shorter than a goldfish.
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  • SMG Employee Spotlight–Eric Goodloe

    Employee Spotlight | Nov 12, 2018
    Our Employee Spotlight series give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what makes SMG work—our people. In honor of Veteran’s Day, meet Eric Goodloe—retired Gunnery Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps and current Senior Software Engineer.
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  • Curiosity unleashed—opportunities uncovered | Power User Exchange 2018

    Shad Foos | Oct 12, 2018
    Most of us usher in fall with football, pumpkin spice lattes, and our favorite quilted jacket (that jacket part might just be me). At SMG, we know it’s fall when our clients descend on Kansas City in droves to attend our Power User Exchange conference.
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  • Celebrating CX day | A day in the life of a CX professional

    Ken White | Oct 2, 2018
    Today marks the 6th annual CX Day, a global celebration of exemplary customer experience and the professionals who make it happen. To honor these CX stars, we spoke with some from the biggest brands around the world to find out what they love most about helping their teams deliver a great customer experience.
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  • Lead to Read: Making a difference in the classroom + beyond

    Kim Klosak | Aug 13, 2018
    At SMG, we pride ourselves on innovation and strive to be constantly curious, ask questions, and push boundaries. The only way we can do this is to never settle for what we already know but to always keep learning. This quest for constant growth made our partnership with Lead to Read a no-brainer. What better way to spread our love of learning than to spend time reading with kids eager to learn?
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  • Uncover your blind spots to become the disruptor of your industry

    Andy Fromm | Aug 3, 2018
    The scary truth is, the only thing harder than getting to the top is staying there. Psychologically, success can be dangerous, because it tricks us into thinking of ourselves as experts and kills our curiosity. In a previous blog post, I introduced my project in collaboration with Diana Kander—our new novel The Curiosity Muscle—and explained why curiosity fuels the path to innovation.
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  • Kansas City Corporate Challenge 2018: SMG goes all in

    Layne Anonsen | Jul 18, 2018
    After three months of fierce competition, another year of Kansas City Corporate Challenge (KCCC) is behind us. There were some highs for our team (dominating the swim meet with a record-breaking 47 unique competitors and a first-place finish at the meet) and a few lows (falling just 15 points short of winning our division). Our motto this year was Go all in, and I am proud to say that’s exactly what we did.
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  • Unleashed: A celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day

    Kim Klosak | Jun 22, 2018
    Today marks the 20th anniversary of Take Your Dog To Work Day and to celebrate, companies all over the world are opening their doors to pets. At SMG, we’re lucky—we get this perk every Friday and love having our team of canine coworkers in the office each week. In celebration of the holiday, we decided to feature some of our most frequent four-legged visitors (and their human sidekicks).
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  • It can be easy being green

    Mary Widmer | Apr 19, 2018
    April 22 may officially be Earth Day but there are ways to positively impact the environment on a daily basis. Incorporating green practices into the workplace not only helps the earth on a larger scale, but it can also create a healthier, more engaging environment for employees. Here are a few of the efforts SMG makes and ways you can take small but impactful action today.
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  • Chip Conley of Airbnb demonstrates how brands should dare to disrupt

    SMG Insights | Apr 12, 2018
    One of the best parts about our annual SMG Forum is the opportunity to hear from some of the most innovative minds in the CX industry. This year, we had the honor of welcoming keynote speaker Chip Conley, former Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy, who wowed our audience with his powerful insight on market disruption. On today’s blog, Chip takes the reins and expands on this hot topic.
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