• Recognizing loyalty: How SMG helps employees mark 10-year milestone

    Employee Spotlight | Dec 14, 2018
    When SMG employees reach their 10-year milestone, they are gifted a designated amount to go towards a vacation or experience. We talked with a few employees about their anniversary trips and took a look back at their 10 years at SMG.
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  • Are c-stores delivering a better customer experience than QSRs?

    Katie Cofer | Dec 12, 2018
    Grabbing a quick bite to eat used to mean pulling up to your favorite fast food restaurant for a burger and fries. But with the rise of food and beverage purchases from convenience stores (c-stores) over the past few years, this assumption is no longer.
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  • Consistent CX is a key component of customer loyalty

    Hannah Hartsig | Dec 6, 2018
    Meticulously curated Instagram galleries, catchy taglines, expensive advertising, and even blog posts like the one you’re reading now—the investment required to sustain a consistent and memorable brand image is crucial.
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  • Black Friday 2018: Less traffic, higher spend

    Derrick Cline | Dec 4, 2018
    While more and more people are opting to do their Black Friday shopping from the comforts of their couch, there are still many who brave the crowds and shop in stores over the holiday weekend.
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  • The next generation of CX | Client Connect 2018

    Jeremy Michael | Nov 29, 2018
    Standing on stage at SMG Client Connect this month really made me appreciate how much the CX industry—and our company—has grown in the past few years. From our first UK client event with just a handful of brands to this month’s gathering of nearly 100 CX professionals, we’re in the midst of an exciting transformation.
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  • Make it personal: Tips on creating a more click-worthy CX email invitation

    Courtney Garcia | Nov 28, 2018
    As email continues to remain an effective method for most brands to communicate directly with customers, companies face an uphill battle in making sure their messages stand out. And when it comes to emailing CX survey invitations, the stakes are even higher...
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  • Is your organization focused on what matters most to customers?

    Andy Fromm | Nov 27, 2018
    In today’s tech-driven, digital world, focus can be a challenging act. We have more and more resources, options, and channels delivering us information every second. In fact, the human population is now said to have an attention span of just eight seconds—shorter than a goldfish.
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  • SMG Employee Spotlight–Eric Goodloe

    Employee Spotlight | Nov 12, 2018
    Our Employee Spotlight series give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what makes SMG work—our people. In honor of Veteran’s Day, meet Eric Goodloe—retired Gunnery Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps and current Senior Software Engineer.
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  • Who is the c-store customer + what are they buying?

    Katie Cofer | Nov 6, 2018
    The look, taste, and reputation of convenience stores (c-stores) aren’t what they were 10 years ago—and they’re not going to be the same 10 years from now. For the past decade, c-stores have been improving and innovating their food and beverage offerings—developing specialty menu items and re-inventing the c-store customer experience.
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  • Patients have spoken: People + processes matter more than facilities

    Dan Prince | Nov 1, 2018
    The healthcare industry is rapidly changing, and patients are the driving force. Consumers are now applying retail behavior to healthcare. A 2017 study published by The Beryl Institute found that as many as 65% of American consumers are in the market for a new physician.
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  • SMG rated as a Strong Performer in recent Customer Feedback Management evaluation

    SMG PR | Oct 30, 2018
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer experience, employee engagement and brand research partner to more than 500 brands, has been rated as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q4 2018.
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  • Don’t let subpar ecommerce experiences hurt in-store conversion rates

    Charlie Moore | Oct 25, 2018
    In the age of cross-channel shopping, no touchpoint exists in a vacuum—and customers have elevated expectations for integrated brand experiences. With 73% of consumers using multiple channels during their shopping journey, single-channel excellence is no longer enough.
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  • Wild Birds Unlimited enhances voice of the customer program with new SMG partnership

    SMG PR | Oct 24, 2018
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer experience, employee engagement and brand research partner to more than 500 brands, has announced a new customer feedback management partnership with Wild Birds Unlimited, the largest backyard bird feeding and nature franchise.
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  • Bridge generational gaps to optimize workforce management strategies

    User Not Found | Oct 23, 2018
    As a manager, your job is to provide a healthy, motivating, and productive environment for each of your employees. But when you consider the diversity in personalities, motivators, and working styles, developing an effective management strategy can seem like a daunting task.
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  • Books-A-Million selects Service Management Group to advance employee and customer engagement program

    SMG PR | Oct 18, 2018
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer experience, employee engagement and brand research partner to more than 500 brands, has announced a partnership with leading book retailer Books-A-Million.
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  • Curiosity unleashed—opportunities uncovered | Power User Exchange 2018

    Shad Foos | Oct 12, 2018
    Most of us usher in fall with football, pumpkin spice lattes, and our favorite quilted jacket (that jacket part might just be me). At SMG, we know it’s fall when our clients descend on Kansas City in droves to attend our Power User Exchange conference.
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  • It’s not just about fuel anymore—c-stores bring more to the table

    Derrick Cline | Oct 9, 2018
    Gas stations of the past had a bit of a stigma. They were a pit stop—a place to fuel up, buy a lottery ticket, and use the restroom (if you dared). If you were hungry, options were pretty limited to prepackaged items like beef jerky or a bag of chips—so if you wanted something more substantial, it usually required another stop at the closest fast food joint.
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  • Time is money: Smart survey technology garners richer insights faster

    Katie Miller | Oct 2, 2018
    Winning in the age of the customer requires a customer-centric approach and experiential innovations. In order to win their loyalty, you have to ask customers the right questions and take the right actions—every single time.
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  • Celebrating CX day | A day in the life of a CX professional

    Ken White | Oct 2, 2018
    Today marks the 6th annual CX Day, a global celebration of exemplary customer experience and the professionals who make it happen. To honor these CX stars, we spoke with some from the biggest brands around the world to find out what they love most about helping their teams deliver a great customer experience.
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  • Employee recognition: A little can go a long way

    Mary Widmer | Sep 28, 2018
    It may seem simple—when someone does a good job, it should be acknowledged. Maybe it’s something small, like a note of gratitude from a manager. Or perhaps it merits a larger reward, like a bonus or promotion. But a recent Gallup poll revealed most employees feel their hard work is often overlooked.
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