• SMG's exclusive Interactive Grocery Playbook provides actionable steps along a 3-phased journey to evolve your XM program

    Zach Brown | Jul 15, 2020
    Businesses across the globe face a once-in-a-generation challenge that’s fundamentally reshaping consumer behaviors and business operations in a way few thought possible.
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  • Expert Spotlight—Dustin Hudson

    Employee Spotlight | Jul 9, 2020
    Today we sat down with Dustin Hudson—Director, Engineering—and talked team collaboration tactics while working remotely, his dedication to building the best XM platform in the industry, and why data analytics is near and dear to his heart.
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  • Data integration is the easiest way to gain a holistic view of the customer experience

    Bennett Gamel | Jun 30, 2020
    As consumer behaviors and expectations continue to shift, brands must continuously adjust their experience management (XM) strategy in order to keep up. This can be a daunting task—particularly right now with a major overhaul of “standard” operational procedures...
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  • The impact of COVID-19 on summer travel + how c-stores should adjust

    Katie Cofer | Jun 24, 2020
    Despite the pandemic drastically altering most summer vacations this year, 58% of consumers still plan to travel over the Independence Day weekend. To get a better idea of what those travel plans look like and what customers expect of brands, we collected feedback from more than 7,600 consumers. Here are the top themes we uncovered.
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  • SMG Expert Spotlight—Paul Tiedt

    Employee Spotlight | Jun 18, 2020
    Today we sat down with Paul Tiedt—Senior VP, Research—to learn more about evolving CX trends, what brands can do to meet those shifting consumer expectations, and what role the employee experience plays in the customer journey.
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  • Trends in off-premise dining + why restaurants should (still) prioritize digital efforts

    Katie Cofer | Jun 10, 2020
    Since the onset of the pandemic, off-premise dining has been a lifeline for restaurants and consumers craving food from their favorite establishments. As dining rooms shut down, more customers hit up drive-thrus or turned to digital channels to place pick-up and delivery orders. In fact, our latest research shows half of consumers say they’ve ordered food online more frequently since COVID-19.
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  • How the financial impact of COVID-19 is reshaping consumer behaviors

    Paul Tiedt | Jun 4, 2020
    While the impact of the pandemic first showed up in global markets and financial projections several months ago, the downstream effects on employment are still being revealed daily.
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  • SMG Expert Spotlight—Brett Brende

    Employee Spotlight | May 28, 2020
    Today we sat down with Brett Brende—VP of Customer Engagement, Healthcare—to get the scoop on why the patient experience is more important than ever, how the shift to consumer-driven healthcare has changed the industry, and what SMG is doing to help organizations drive patient engagement.
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  • 7 food delivery trends every restaurant brand should know right now

    Todd Leach | May 26, 2020
    Over the past few months—as people across the country sheltered in place—third-party food delivery became a vital channel for the restaurant industry. And while restaurant dining rooms are now starting to reopen, it’s clear the pandemic has impacted consumer behavior for the long haul.
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  • 4 best practices from U.K. essential retailers to use in your reopening strategy

    Tom Wakeman | May 19, 2020
    As brands prepare to reopen stores and restaurants in the U.K., there are numerous insights we can glean from the essential retailers who have remained open throughout the pandemic. Essential businesses have shown what it takes to provide an outstanding customer experience in a very challenging environment.
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  • What essential retail can teach us about prepping for the next normal

    Paul Tiedt | May 14, 2020
    As states take varying levels of action to reopen their economies, the safest way for brands to resume operations is to leverage the hard-earned lessons from essential retailers. We set out to determine what this next normal will look like...
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  • How to optimize the curbside experience for customers

    Todd Leach | May 6, 2020
    Social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 regulations haven’t just led to the closure of restaurant dining rooms and strict in-store shopping procedures—they’ve created a surge in curbside pick-up for all types of businesses.
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  • Crisis protection: Does your employee experience solution provide these 3 key elements?

    Charles Cornwell | Apr 30, 2020
    Organizations that give associates ways to provide feedback—particularly during these unprecedented times—will set themselves up for a more successful transition as operational guidelines continue to shift.
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  • How a robust XM solution can support brands during a global pandemic

    Bennett Gamel | Apr 28, 2020
    As COVID-19 continues to impact our clients and their industries, we shifted our roadmap priorities to deliver enhancements that would allow for more informed decision-making during this unprecedented time. This blog details how strategic enhancements to your experience management (XM) platform can help with the transition into a new normal for business operations.
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  • SMG Expert Spotlight—Jeremy Michael

    Employee Spotlight | Apr 23, 2020
    This month marks the 10-year anniversary of our UK office. In celebration of this milestone, we sat down with Managing Director Jeremy Michael—the leading force of SMG’s UK branch since its launch in 2010—to get the scoop on how the company has evolved over the past decade and the secret to building a successful client relationship.
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  • How to protect your brand’s online reputation amid COVID-19

    Jason Norris | Apr 21, 2020
    With operational guidelines and consumer behaviors changing daily, it’s never been more important for brands to monitor their online reputation. Though there has been a considerable decrease in the volume of online ratings + reviews—due in large part to Google and Yelp putting major COVID-19 restrictions on their review features—customers are still talking about their experiences online. And ignoring these comments can be very detrimental, especially in such volatile times.
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  • With third-party delivery usage up, here are 3 ways restaurants can protect the customer experience

    Paul Tiedt | Apr 16, 2020
    As people around the U.S. hunker down at home, the age-old question “What’s for dinner?” is more often being answered with the help of a food delivery app. Since March 11—when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic and restaurants across the country shut down their dining rooms—many brands have turned to third-party delivery providers...
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  • Work from home: 3 tips for a successful telecommuting strategy

    Kim Klosak | Apr 15, 2020
    With the sudden rise in employees working from home, many organizations are navigating unchartered territory and adjusting to a “new normal” workday. This abrupt pivot is even more complicated when you consider factors like children at home and partners also in the household telecommuting for their jobs...
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  • Grocery shopping during COVID-19: How are consumer preferences changing?

    Paul Tiedt | Apr 14, 2020
    The current reality of food shopping has shifted, and grocery stores have stepped up to make item availability, health, and safety a priority for customers. With new information being released every day, consumer preferences are changing by region.
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  • How to stay customer-centric in a contactless world

    Charlie Moore | Apr 9, 2020
    While businesses adapt to the new normal created by COVID-19, it’s imperative to keep pace with a quickly evolving customer experience. As the expectations for low-contact or contactless shopping shift, your digital touchpoints need to hit the mark.
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