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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


  • Service Management Group focuses on strategic client partnerships, promoting Ken White to Chief Client Officer

    SMG Insights | Jan 13, 2016
    Service Management Group (SMG) recently promoted Ken White to a newly created executive role of Chief Client Officer. White has been with SMG since October 2010, covering assignments across the organization, including roles in product and marketing. White most recently held the position of Senior Vice President, Client Services.
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  • Service Management Group receives technology patent for SurveyMini® mobile research app

    SMG Insights | Dec 4, 2015
    Service Management Group (SMG) has been granted a patent for analytics integrated within its location-based mobile research app SurveyMini. Specifically, the patent covers technology that analyzes patterns of consumer behaviors to understand degrees of brand loyalty.
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  • Delaware North taps Service Management Group for mobile research and competitive insight

    SMG Insights | Nov 9, 2015
    Delaware North engaged Service Management Group (SMG) to provide custom consumer research and competitive data using SMG’s proprietary mobile research app SurveyMini® and dynamic market intelligence tool BrandGeek™. SMG is the global leader in customer experience measurement, helping more than 325 brands to listen, understand and act on behavioral data and consumer feedback.
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  • SMG Recognized as a Top 50 Market Research Firm

    SMG Insights | Aug 6, 2015
    The American Marketing Association (AMA) once again named Service Management Group as a top 50 market research firm in its 2015 AMA Gold Top 50 Report. Moving up six spots from last year’s report, SMG now ranks #27 overall for revenue out of 192 U.S.-based, for-profit market research companies.
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  • QSR International taps Service Management Group for consolidated customer experience measurement

    SMG Insights | Jun 2, 2015
    Service Management Group (SMG) has been awarded QSR International’s business to measure more than 160 restaurant locations in Latin America and the Caribbean. SMG is the global leader in customer experience measurement, helping more than 325 brands around the globe to listen, understand and act on customer feedback
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  • Donatos re-engages Service Management Group for customer experience measurement

    SMG Insights | May 5, 2015
    Service Management Group (SMG) has once again been retained by Ohio-based Donatos Pizza to measure all 153 restaurant locations across six states. SMG is the global leader in customer experience measurement, helping more than 325 brands around the globe to listen, understand and act on customer feedback.
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  • Great partnerships generate great work

    SMG Insights | Apr 29, 2015
    We love what we do. And one of the most rewarding aspects of our work is making a meaningful difference in our clients’ business. Nothing drives that more than real partnership and collaboration between our team and our client teams. Because the more our clients know about their customers’ and employees’ experiences, the more 5-start experiences they’ll create. And the more we know about our clients’ business, the more we can help with actionable insights. So we take it to heart when our clients recognize our contributions. SMG recently received two such awards for notable contributions to our clients’ business.
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  • How Yum! Brands drives consistency across a global organization: What we learned at RLC 2015

    SMG Insights | Apr 1, 2015
    SMG presented at a Restaurant Leadership Conference innovation session with Andy Waite, Chief Compliance Officer of KFC and Pizza Hut Global. One of the most important things we learned from Andy was how Yum! Brands uses customer experience measurement to drive operational initiatives worldwide.
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  • Customer-centric initiatives take center stage at Retail Week Live

    SMG Insights | Mar 19, 2015
    We thoroughly enjoyed playing a key role at Retail Week Live in London last week. To see so many retailers talking about genuinely putting customers back at the heart of the business, both by listening and looking for ways to take action, was refreshing and exciting.
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  • Does more holiday traffic mean less manager interaction?

    SMG Insights | Dec 10, 2014
    It’s that time of year—when your restaurants fill with holiday shoppers, and you wonder if it’s still possible to deliver on the basics. With that in mind, SMG wanted to know whether managers are more or less attentive to customers during the holidays.
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  • Are guests looking for something different when they’re away from home?

    SMG Insights | Nov 6, 2014
    With people getting ready to hit the road for the holiday season, we explored how consumer preferences change when they’re away from home. We used SurveyMini®—SMG’s location-based consumer research app—to find out, collecting behavioral data from 920,141 visits to 329 restaurant brands.
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  • Which MLB stadium hits a home run with fans?

    SMG Insights | Oct 21, 2014
    We used SurveyMini to uncover which MLB playoff stadiums hit a home run with fans. See how the 8 playoff stadiums did on food and beverage quality, cleanliness of restrooms, and overall satisfaction—and who emerged as the postseason champ of fan satisfaction.
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  • Is it possible to transform a lapsed guest into a regular?

    SMG Insights | Oct 14, 2014
    In June, we used SurveyMini®--SMG’s location-based consumer research app—to show how a highly satisfying experience drives quicker return visits (you can read about it here). For our October edition, we again used SurveyMini to explore actual return behavior of lapsed guests.
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  • We shared. We learned. We celebrated. We created impact.

    SMG Insights | Sep 19, 2014
    We just wrapped up 3 crazy impactful days at our annual Power User Exchange. More than 100 clients and prospects joined us in Kansas City for collaborative workshops, roundtables, and idea exchange. Famed improv group The Second City led our keynote address and provided some laughs along the way.
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  • Do kids’ programs make a difference?

    SMG Insights | Sep 11, 2014
    For our latest Hit or Myth, we used SurveyMini®—SMG’s location-based consumer research app—to investigate what happens when kids pick the restaurant, and whether kids’ programs play a role.
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  • How does your brand fare when guests are traveling?

    SMG Insights | Aug 28, 2014
    With so many people hitting the road during the busy summer season, we wanted to focus on these traveling guests in our latest Hit or Myth. For this edition we used SurveyMini—SMG’s location-based consumer research app—to see how behavior changes when guests are outside of their home market.
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  • Paul Hunt hired to structure domestic and international growth

    SMG Insights | Aug 11, 2014
    Service Management Group (SMG) hires Paul Hunt as global head of sales. SMG is the global leader in customer experience measurement and tops the industry in shopper insights with its consumer-facing mobile research app, SurveyMini®.
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  • Does a highly satisfying experience really drive return?

    SMG Insights | Jun 18, 2014
    For this month’s Hit or Myth, we used SurveyMini’s GPS-detection technology to track actual return behavior of nearly 20,000 consumers. We already know highly satisfied guests report higher likelihood of returning, but what does their behavior show us?
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  • Is restaurant age just a number?

    SMG Insights | May 14, 2014
    For this month’s Hit or Myth published in Nation’s Restaurant News, we examined the link between restaurant age and cleanliness. We found Cleanliness scores steadily decline as restaurants age, but it’s at the 7–9 year stage that restaurants should consider remodeling. When restaurants reach the 10-year mark, Cleanliness scores dip below the average, and Intent to Recommend decreases by 4 percentage points.
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  • New Report Coming Tomorrow: Dollar Wins Big at Easter

    SMG Insights | May 7, 2014
    Securing seasonal placement for holiday products is essential for awareness and sell-through, as this is where the majority of Easter purchases are made. In addition, Dollar saw success from displays placed at the front of the store. Activation plans that help move shoppers around the store can increase seasonal purchases and basket attachment.
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