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  • Does your organization have the glue that keeps the customer experience bonded to your brand?

    Charlie Moore | Mar 3, 2017
    I love the first few months of the year. We get results from all the studies conducted the year before so we can better understand what’s been happening in the world of CX. Here are some points to consider from a few studies in 2016.
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  • Brands have more access to better customer and competitive data using patented SurveyMini technology

    Shad Foos | Feb 22, 2017
    SMG received its second and third technology patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patents cover advancements to SMG’s location-based mobile research app SurveyMini.
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  • Taco Bell aims to cut their turnover rate in half—while boosting customer satisfaction

    Jeff Jokerst | Feb 17, 2017
    Your employees spend more time with your customers than you do. They know first-hand what customers say, what they do, and how they really feel about your brand. That’s why it’s so important to ask your employees what really matters—to get insights that let you focus on meaningful improvements that drive loyalty. With that lens, it’s easy to see why your customer experience and employee engagement programs are so intertwined.
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  • Do your customers have a crush on you? 3 ways to get from like to love

    Emily Gates | Feb 14, 2017
    Let’s take this Valentine’s Day season to reflect on our relationships with our customers, and what we can do to woo them from simply liking our brands to loving our brands.
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  • Absent vs. Additive: A New Era of Frictionless

    Jeff Fromm | Feb 10, 2017
    In 2017, the fact that members of the Millennial generation are digitally reliant should be old hat to marketers. After all, they did grow up in an era that barely remembers life without the internet accessible at their fingertips, and they aren’t shy about utilizing digital in all facets of their lives, from entertainment to organization and everything in between.
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  • 3 ways to take your CX strategy beyond please & thank you

    Ken White | Feb 3, 2017
    Customer experiences on both ends of the quality spectrum are memorable. A truly great interaction with a brand is hard to forget. A negative one is even harder. When we have a friendly experience as a consumer, our perception of the entire brand improves—and that’s what keeps us coming back for more.
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  • Employee recognition: 3 rules great leaders follow

    Jeff Jokerst | Jan 27, 2017
    The fuel. The juice. The ultimate motivator. It’s been called a lot of things. But what is it? It’s the R-word—recognition. For those who work with other people—which is most of you reading this blog post—the concept of recognition is something you must acknowledge and manage with purpose.
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  • How do surveys fit into the omnichannel experience?

    Todd Leach | Jan 20, 2017
    Omnichannel retailing is a philosophy that attempts to leverage customer data and customer feedback to create a seamless and personalized brand experience. It leads to greater satisfaction for customers—and increased sales and profitability for the brand. The omnichannel experience continues to evolve as new technologies and channels offer more ways for customers to interact with brands.
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  • Winning brands tap mobile CX tech to drive customer loyalty

    Missy Heck | Jan 13, 2017
    It’s an indisputable fact that brands compete on customer experience across all channels 24/7. Winning brands listen to customers and act on feedback in order to make operational improvements that create better experiences, drive loyalty, and improve financial performance.
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  • The Year of Giving

    Mary Widmer | Jan 6, 2017
    As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, we’ve been reflecting on everything we’ve accomplished, where we’re going, and who we are. Since our inception, the spirit of service has always been in our nature. It’s in our name, and it’s the first of our five core values—Service, Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork—so we knew we wanted to incorporate the idea into the 25-year celebration in a meaningful way. We are fortunate to be a talented group of people who have most of our needs met—and we wondered how we could share that abundance with others. Out of that, the Year of Giving was born.
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  • Is Black Friday dead? Not quite, but retailers may need to pivot

    Paul Tiedt | Dec 16, 2016
    As always, Thanksgiving came and went in a blur of turkey-induced naps, awkward conversations with extended family members, and of course, blockbuster retail deals. Though Black Friday continues to account for a large portion of holiday spending, recent consumer trends have many wondering just how long that will last.
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  • Contact Centers—often overlooked, yet essential to your overall CX strategy

    Charlie Moore | Dec 9, 2016
    In the past, customer contact centers may have been viewed as a waste of revenue. These numbers prove that companies cannot afford to ignore the reality that contact centers are an important extension of the brand and must adjust their approach accordingly.
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  • Kansas City Zoo reaches one million visitors by focusing on what counts

    Jessica Falconer | Dec 2, 2016
    When it comes to your business strategy, losing customers can be a hard pill to swallow. And implementing a new program often means an invitation for growing pains—but it doesn’t have to. Focusing your efforts in key places can turn your declining visit share around and drive your business in exactly the right direction. A great example of this principle at work lives right here in KC.
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  • Declining trends for casual dining? It’s not the end

    Peter Berger | Nov 18, 2016
    For the last few years, many restaurant industry publications have made predictions about the end of casual dining. The rising influence of new regional fast-casual concepts—as well as increasing grab’n’go options from supermarkets and c-stores—don’t do much to dispel the rumors either. It seems almost every week there is another casual dining concept filing for Chapter 11 restructuring. We rarely hear about new or growing casual dining concepts in the US—and most of the growth that does occur happens internationally. Yet SMG is proud to have added many new casual dining partnerships in 2016, and we were curious to learn more about the future of this segment within the restaurant industry.
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  • How key are partnerships for improving your insights?

    User Not Found | Nov 11, 2016
    Last week at our Client Connect event in London, the meaning of successful partnership was at the front of my mind. Anytime I review our client portfolio with our account teams, our discussion focuses on this question: “What has the client done with our insights?”
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  • Power Up Your People – SMG teams up with NACS/CCRRC to show you why employee engagement is essential to your brand’s success

    Jeff Jokerst | Oct 21, 2016
    Measurement of employee engagement is an important part of what we do at SMG, and I was thrilled to work with an impactful organization like NACS—whose focus is to make major improvements in employee experiences across the c-store industry.
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  • Happy CX Day! Today we celebrate CX pros everywhere

    Shad Foos | Oct 5, 2016
    We know great customer experiences are always worth celebrating—that’s why every day is CX day here at SMG. Even still, it’s easy to focus on data and analytics and forget about the bigger picture. Let’s take this opportunity to step back from the data and celebrate the impact first-class customer experiences have on real people every single day.
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  • Experience or product? Millennials prize quality interaction

    Michele Vance | Sep 30, 2016
    Customer loyalty is hard to build—especially among millennials who seek and demand better experiences over better products. Social media has further complicated the issue with a powerful public platform for consumers to let brands know exactly how feel. This means your approach to customer service is more important than ever, and it is essential to rethink your strategy from start to finish.
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  • Power User Exchange in review: Powering an insights culture

    Will Mariner | Sep 23, 2016
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  • Defining omnichannel—a first step on the path to better experiences

    Todd Leach | Sep 9, 2016
    It’s no surprise to anybody that omnichannel capabilities have drastically changed the game—for both retail and restaurant. It’s no longer enough to focus on the customer experience you provide in your physical locations. To be successful, you must consider your app experience, online experience, contact center experience, and others—and how all of those channels interact with each other. Because your customers are using all of them. What is omnichannel?
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