How does your brand fare when guests are traveling?

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With so many people hitting the road during the busy summer season, we wanted to focus on these traveling guests in our latest Hit or Myth. For this edition we used SurveyMini—SMG’s location-based consumer research app—to see how behavior changes when guests are outside of their home market.

Based on behavioral data collected from 30,000 guests with over 600,000 visits to 250 restaurant brands, we discovered guests are more likely to choose casual dining restaurants when on the road. This is in contrast to the fast casual and fast food categories, which experience a decrease in visit share with traveling guests.

In addition, survey data reveals the fast casual and fast food segments see a decrease in Overall Satisfaction from guests on the road. No matter your segment, ensure you're treating every guest like a weary traveler. A highly satisfying experience on the road will lead to more visits to your brand when guests are in their home markets.

Guests seek out faster dining options when on the road
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