Is it possible to transform a lapsed guest into a regular?

SMG Insights | Oct 14, 2014 SMG Insights 10/14/14

In June, we used SurveyMini®--SMG’s location-based consumer research app—to show how a highly satisfying experience drives quicker return visits (you can read about it here). For our October edition, we again used SurveyMini to explore actual return behavior of lapsed guests. We’re happy to report the same finding—that highly satisfied guests return faster—is also true for lapsed guests.

Based on behavioral data from more than 60,000 consumers, we found fast-casual guests who hadn’t visited the brand in the last 90 days returned 23% faster after a highly satisfying experience than lapsed guests who had just a satisfying experience. Fast-food and fast-casual segments also saw a bump in return from providing highly satisfying experiences to lapsed guests.

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