Are guests looking for something different when they’re away from home?

SMG Insights | Nov 6, 2014 SMG Insights 11/06/14

With people getting ready to hit the road for the holiday season, we explored how consumer preferences change when they’re away from home. We used SurveyMini®—SMG’s location-based consumer research app—to find out, collecting behavioral data from 920,141 visits to 329 restaurant brands.

The data shows guests are more likely to visit a brand they haven’t been to in the past 90 days when they’re farther from home. In the casual-dining and fast-casual segments, more than 50% of diners are choosing a brand they don’t normally frequent when they’re 100 miles or more from home.

This indicates there’s an opportunity to win back infrequent or lapsed customers in locations that have a high percentage of traveling guests at peak travel times. Just make sure you’re providing an exceptional experience when they stop in, because that’s what will keep them coming back when they’re close to home. 

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