Does more holiday traffic mean less manager interaction?

SMG Insights | Dec 10, 2014 SMG Insights 12/10/14

It’s that time of year—when your restaurants fill with holiday shoppers, and you wonder if it’s still possible to deliver on the basics. With that in mind, SMG wanted to know whether managers are more or less attentive to customers during the holidays.

Unfortunately, we found that more brands actually have lower manager touch during the holidays than at other times of the year. At 16 of 42 fast-casual, casual, and fine-dining brands, managers had less interaction with customers in December 2013 compared to their average for the rest of the year. It can certainly be tough to maintain service standards in the busy month of December, but it’s no less important. In fact, we see a 17%-point increase in likelihood to return when a manager visits a table.


It’s important to take advantage of holiday traffic and make table touches a priority. Your brand will benefit in the new year.   

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