How Yum! Brands drives consistency across a global organization: What we learned at RLC 2015

SMG Insights | Apr 1, 2015 SMG Insights 04/01/15

SMG presented at a Restaurant Leadership Conference innovation session with Andy Waite, Chief Compliance Officer of KFC and Pizza Hut Global. One of the most important things we learned from Andy was how Yum! Brands uses customer experience measurement to drive operational initiatives worldwide.

With more than 41,000 restaurants across 120 countries, it’s difficult to find the right balance between consistency and flexibility. This is a challenge we see facing a lot of our clients as they continue to grow: how do you adapt to new markets without compromising brand standards? Andy emphasized the importance of making a genuine organizational commitment to creating 5-star human experiences, while also recognizing that what constitutes a 5-star human experience varies from culture to culture.

We also heard how Yum! Brands is using innovative technology to expand their view of the customer. For example, Taco Bell is complementing operational measurement with the behavioral data from SMG’s mobile research app SurveyMini® to get a quick read on new offerings.

Watch our SurveyMini video to see the kind of behavioral data brands are using to complement their customer experience measurement and boost their insights.


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