Great partnerships generate great work

SMG Insights | Apr 29, 2015 SMG Insights 04/29/15

We love what we do. And one of the most rewarding aspects of our work is making a meaningful difference in our clients’ business. Nothing drives that more than real partnership and collaboration between our team and our client teams. Because the more our clients know about their customers’ and employees’ experiences, the more 5-start experiences they’ll create. And the more we know about our clients’ business, the more we can help with actionable insights.

So we take it to heart when our clients recognize our contributions. SMG recently received two such awards for notable contributions to our clients’ business.


Whataburger recently honored SMG with their 2015 Game Changer award.
  The award recognized SMG for creating a customer-centric program which has helped Whataburger focus on the most important drivers for improving the customer experience. In the 5+ years of partnership between Whataburger and SMG, Whataburger’s OSAT score and benchmark ranking have improved significantly. 

During the 2015 Jamba Awards, Jamba Juice awarded SMG the innovation award for our commitment to providing innovative business solutions that drive business value. Specifically Jamba Juice noted SMG’s text analytics offering, which allows Jamba Juice to easily and efficiently analyze text comments and use them to drive improvements. 



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