Service Management Group receives technology patent for SurveyMini® mobile research app

SMG Insights | Dec 4, 2015 SMG Insights 12/04/15

BOSTON – Service Management Group (SMG) has been granted a patent for analytics integrated within its location-based mobile research app SurveyMini. Specifically, the patent covers technology that analyzes patterns of consumer behaviors to understand degrees of brand loyalty.

SMG is a global, technology-enabled market research firm that helps multi-unit restaurants, retailers and service providers connect with customers and employees. Using feedback and behavioral data, SMG uncovers insights that help brands make improvements to increase loyalty and drive financial performance.

SMG’s proprietary mobile research app SurveyMini collects behavioral data and feedback from more than 100,000 opt-in users who automatically receive short surveys on their mobile device within hours after visiting a mapped location. SMG is currently collecting over 10 million SurveyMini surveys annually for more than 4,000 brands and 500,000 locations across all DMAs—with rollout underway in Europe. Populated with SurveyMini data, SMG’s market intelligence tool BrandGeek lets clients access the data in real time to see satisfaction on key measurements, trip motivation and visit patterns sliced by DMA, competitive set, consumer demographic and time period.

“This is a very honest view of brand loyalty,” said SMG Senior Vice President, Mobile Technology Lou Bellaire. “It’s not what people say they did in the past, or what they state they intend to do in the future. It’s actual near real-time behavior. And it doesn’t get any more accurate than that.”

For consumers, it’s an engaging lifestyle app that lets them earn rewards for sharing their opinions about the places they dine and shop. For brands, it’s rich feedback and data they can’t get anywhere else—including branded benchmarks and data for non-purchasers and lapsed customers.

“SMG sits squarely at the intersection of technology and insights. Our core solutions combine best-in-class technology with really smart insights professionals,” said SMG CEO Andy Fromm. “And when you add our mobile research technology to the mix—including data on clients and non-clients—it provides brands with a complete view of their customers’ brand experience they simply can’t get anywhere else.” ###

About Service Management Group: SMG (Service Management Group) partners with more than 325 brands to create 5-star human experiences that drive loyalty and create profitable sales. SMG’s holistic approach differentiates through state-of-the-art measurement, technology, and insights that help clients listen, understand, and act. Strategic solutions include omniCX, Employee Engagement, and Brand Research. SMG is an AMA Top 50 research firm with a global footprint—evaluating over 130 million surveys annually, in 50 languages across 125 countries. To learn more about SMG, visit or call 1-800-764-0439.

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