The ultimate key to launching a successful customer experience program

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"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." – George Bernard Shaw

As business professionals, every week we tackle simple projects and tasks among the bigger programs and enterprises in which we work. How many times have we all had a project—even a simple one—fail due to someone assuming that information was shared, or simply not communicating a critical piece of information? If it happens as often as many of us know it does for relatively simple and defined projects, one can only imagine how much is missed in large-scale, complex Customer Experience (CX) Measurement programs.

As I have worked with many brands over time designing and launching their CX programs, I always encourage defining a well-constructed communication plan as one of the most critical steps. Your customers will be sharing different types of feedback (structured and unstructured) across multiple channels (survey, call center, app, etc). That information must then be aggregated into reporting and analytics in multiple systems and then shared in part or whole among a variety of corporate and field-based stakeholders. Many programs that struggle early on assume that by putting reporting in place, they have fully informed the organization. The CEO is getting the data integrated into his or her monthly scorecards, the individual stores are receiving real time alerts and comments, and the Strategy & Insights team has access to the dynamic reporting tools—informed!

The initial reporting step is certainly critical—and when designed well, the most timely and critical information to improve the customer experience is being sent to the right people. However, a successful program over time will function at a deeper level inside the organization and have a much more profound impact, answering questions like:

  • How can key learnings from my front-line employees be shared with the broader system?
  • How are our marketing and operations plans providing input and receiving feedback on their respective campaigns?
  • How do we share critical insights from research with the right teams to take action?

Communication is a very broad topic that can be cited as both the definition of success or failure for many projects. SMG has taken this critical topic for any CX program and created a new best practice guide to break it down even further—7 keys to launching a successful customer experience program.You will see communication as a fundamental aspect woven throughout the 7 keys. This guide is an excellent tool if you are considering a new CX program or as a gut check for your current program.

Peter Berger

   Peter Berger
   VP, Customer Engagement

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