3 Ways to take your CX program to the next level: Part 1

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There’s never been a more exciting time to be a customer experience professional. You have more tools that enable you to listen better, act faster, and outperform competitors than you’ve ever had before. In this series, we’ll explore 3 ways smartphones can take your CX program to the next level.

Across all invitation methods, mobile optimization is key.

While there are a lot of potential ways for customers to access your survey, SMG’s global “research on customer research” reveals they’re most likely to give feedback when prompted by:

  • Receipt: Receive a printed receipt with an invitation, and incentive, to take an online survey
  • Email: Receive an invitation to take on online survey that is embedded in an email
  • Pop-up survey: Encounter invitation to provide feedback while browsing or buying online
  • QR code: Encounter a survey invitation on a coupon or poster with a QR code
  • SMS text: Receive a text message to answer a question or a link to take an online survey
  • Branded app: Receive an invitation to take a survey on the retailer’s branded app

No matter which method you use to invite customer feedback, it’s crucial for the survey itself to be optimized for mobile and grounded in solid research principles. Customers increasingly use their mobile devices to respond to surveys—in fact, our data shows that 40% of responses come from mobile now, about triple what it was just 3 years ago. 

So what’s that mean for your survey? In the chart below, you can see that mobile users are less willing to endure lengthy surveys than desktop respondents—and that difference becomes especially pronounced after 6 minutes. If you have a survey that exceeds 7 minutes in length, you risk compromising response rates significantly—and with the continued exponential increase in mobile respondents, this is a problem you have to solve sooner than later if you want to be a better listener. 

Survey Abandonment Rates

Want to connect with customers? Meet them where they want to be reached

Another big part of being a better listener is using the same technology your customers use when you invite their feedback—and that can vary across industries and geographies. The traditional receipt-based survey invitation is still number one in restaurant and retail, but other methods are gaining ground quickly. In terms of geography, adoption of QR code invitations is still low in the US, while we’re seeing up to 40% of surveys accessed via QR code in Japan. SMS text for survey invitations is also slow to catch on in the US and more popular internationally.  

We’re also excited to see that brands are tapping their mobile apps as a new way to connect with customers (so excited, in fact, that ). Once you’ve achieved high customer adoption of your company’s branded app, it’s a great opportunity for you to give customers a convenient way to provide feedback. When your survey invitation appears on their smartphone, they can respond very easily—literally with the tap of a finger.

But the benefits extend far beyond streamlined survey access—you can also integrate with your app to offer incentives like loyalty points or bounce-back offers that can be immediately loaded onto the customer’s app. And assuming you get the customer’s demographic information when they download your app, you don’t have to keeping asking these questions as part of your survey, which helps shorten the survey. Finally, with an app-based survey invitation, you can synch your CX metrics with data on how frequently customers purchase, what they purchase, and how much they spend with you over time—eventually that leads to a more holistic view of how to optimize average transaction amount, frequency of purchase, and lifetime customer value. 

It’s clear that mobile is changing the way customers interact with brands, and we’re excited to explore the innovative ways those changes can be reflected in our clients’ CX programs. In the next part of this series, Act Faster, we’ll share research on how mobile is revolutionizing the speed and effectiveness of customer experience management. Finally, in Outperform Competitors, we’ll reveal how smartphones and location analytics help you win more customer visits away from rivals.

If you’d like to skip ahead to parts 2 and 3, check out the full webinar here.

Jack Mackey

   Jack Mackey, CCXP
   Chief Evangelist and VP, Customer Engagement

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