Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters!

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Mary Browns LogoWe’re proud to announce our delicious new partnership with Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters! Mary Brown’s, founded in St. John’s, Newfoundland, operates nearly 130 locations across Canada. The brand’s cult following loves Mary Brown’s for delicious chicken made from scratch—sandwiches, wraps, wings, and fingers—along with famous taters and gravy.  

This month, SMG is helping Mary Brown’s launch its first ever customer experience measurement program. POS receipts will invite customers to provide feedback that will give Mary Brown’s the fundamental insights needed to focus on high-impact improvements that will drive loyalty and sales.

“We believe in making an honest connection with our guests and our community,” said Mary Brown’s Vice President Guest Experience Tony Samuelson. “It’s always about the food, but not just about the food. We want to ensure we’re doing everything possible to guarantee each and every guest is highly satisfied each and every time they visit.”

Mary Brown’s is enthusiastic about putting the right data in the right hands at the right time to really make a difference. The team will use SMG’s reporting website for actionable insights that will improve performance at the brand level while the front-line staff can use SMG’s unmatched mobile reporting app to access data and act on alerts in real time, 24/7.

Mary Brown’s is excited about this key strategic initiative, and we at SMG are very proud to help make it happen. We’re looking forward to a long, successful partnership.

Peter Berger

Peter Berger
Vice President, Customer Engagement - International

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