Experience or product? Millennials prize quality interaction

Michele Vance | Sep 30, 2016 Michele Vance 09/30/16

Customer loyalty is hard to build—especially among millennials who seek and demand better experiences over better products. Social media has further complicated the issue with a powerful public platform for consumers to let brands know exactly how feel. This means your approach to customer service is more important than ever, and it is essential to rethink your strategy from start to finish. From measuring to monitoring feedback, forming your strategy can often feel daunting.

Fortunately, millennial consumers are ready to share the specific ways service brands can make or break a loyalty-inspiring experience—and their simplicity might surprise you.  Learn one of the main reasons customers say they don’t return to a service provider and read how one fast-growing service brand, SMG client Hand and Stone, executed a loyalty play that proved just as binding as a service contract.  Read the full Forbes article, “Front-Line Employee Relationships Still Matter For Millennials,here.

Michele Vance

   Michele Vance
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