Happy CX Day! Today we celebrate CX pros everywhere

Shad Foos | Oct 5, 2016 Shad Foos 10/05/16

We know great customer experiences are always worth celebrating—that’s why every day is CX day here at SMG. Even still, it’s easy to focus on data and analytics and forget about the bigger picture. Let’s take this opportunity to step back from the data and celebrate the impact first-class customer experiences have on real people every single day.

An outstanding customer experience is hard to forget. As consumers ourselves, we know what it’s like to be champions for stellar brands that strike a chord with our values, treat us as friends, and help us tell others something about who we are as human beings. It’s easy to talk about experiences that mean something to us—and as CX professionals, we play a huge role in learning how to make these moments even better for everyone.  

From operations to marketing to HR, CX data is crucial for making decisions across every aspect of your organization. And it helps inform your brand’s overall vision for growth by keeping initiatives like hiring, technology roadmaps, and operational standards customer-focused. Each of these strategies has the same end goal, which is a high-quality customer experience that keeps people coming back for more.

Companies that prioritize building meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers are rewarded with lifelong brand ambassadors. And these exceptional customer experiences drive more customer loyalty, recommendations, and higher tickets—which translates into real dollars on your bottom line. CX is more than data and insights—it’s an opportunity to create human happiness, and that’s certainly worth celebrating!

Congrats to you, CX professionals, for making real impacts on real people every single day—from all of us here at SMG.

Shad Foos

   Shad Foos
   VP, Marketing

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