Power Up Your People – SMG teams up with NACS/CCRRC to show you why employee engagement is essential to your brand’s success

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Studies consistently show engaged employees are more efficient, have lower turnover, and generate higher levels of customer satisfaction—which leads to increased loyalty and real dollars on your bottom line.

I recently had the privilege to join NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council Research Director Michael Sansolo in presenting key findings on the impact of employee engagement during this year’s NACS Show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Measurement of employee engagement is an important part of what we do at SMG, and I was thrilled to work with an impactful organization like NACS—whose focus is to make major improvements in employee experiences across the c-store industry.

SMG provided NACS/CCRRC with insights for “Power Up Your People”—a three-phase project designed to dive deeper into the current status and potential impacts engaged employees have on overall business performance in convenience retail. We conducted a study in the third phase of the project and shared our results taken from a survey of 20,000 c-store employees and managers across 11 different banners.

The study confirms engaged employees make a significant difference in business performance and provides the tools and actionable insights brands need to improve their employee experience strategy. These tools highlight the importance of employees as brand ambassadors, key drivers for engaging employees, and the financial benefits of lowering turnover—just to name a few.

Here’s a peek into the real impact increased employee engagement can have on business performance according to our survey.

Top-performing locations score:

  • +9% in overall customer satisfaction
  • +6.8% in customer likelihood to return 
  • +13.3% in likelihood to recommend

Highly engaged organizations:

  • Are 22% more profitable
  • Have 25% lower turnover
  • Show 28% difference in shrinkage levels

With NACS/CCRRC’s lengthy experience helping brands respond to changing consumer demands in the marketplace and SMG’s commitment to improving customer and employee experiences for over 350 global brands, you can trust these insights to help push your employee engagement to the next level—and better your bottom line.

To download the full study, click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about what NACS/CCRRC are doing, you can find them at www.ccrrc.org


Jeff Jokerst

   Jeff Jokerst
    VP, Client Insights

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