Winning brands tap mobile CX tech to drive customer loyalty

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It’s an indisputable fact that brands compete on customer experience across all channels 24/7. Winning brands listen to customers and act on feedback in order to make operational improvements that create better experiences, drive loyalty, and improve financial performance.

A critical component of any successful CX program is the ability to quickly and efficiently act on customer feedback. That’s why winning brands take a mobile-first approach for reporting and acting on this valuable data. Implementing a mobile reporting app means putting the right data in the right hands in real time—allowing field and location managers to get from insight to action faster. And fast action often makes the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

SMG uniquely combines technology and insights to help more than 350 retail and restaurant brands around the globe listen better, act faster, and outperform competitors. SMG data shows that more than 70% of users from large brands are using their mobile reporting app versus a desktop dashboard to access CX data. And by the end of 2016, more than 50% of all reporting sessions—for all brands combined—happened through the app.

smg360™—our 4+ star mobile reporting app—has a wide range of role-based functionality, including the ability to drill down into key CX measures, benchmark performance, and manage alerts and customer comments in real time. This allows field and location managers to run their business from the front line instead of the back office. Which means customer engagement goes up and so does the customer experience.
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With the mobile reporting app, session frequency goes up, and session duration goes down. That means more users across the organization are seeing and acting on critical information faster—and that’s great for business. You can keep up-to-the-minute on customer feedback and stay focused on what matters most—creating better experiences.

We all know customers are more mobile-savvy than ever—and customer-centric brands need to be just as savvy to compete and win with increasing customer expectations. Simply put, if a CX program in 2017 doesn’t include a great reporting app, it’s just not a great program.

smg360™ enables brands to keep up the pace and build great customer experiences every day. Want to learn how? Read about all of the powerful features here.

Missy Heck
Senior Manager, Product Marketing

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