Taco Bell aims to cut their turnover rate in half—while boosting customer satisfaction

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Your employees spend more time with your customers than you do. They know first-hand what customers say, what they do, and how they really feel about your brand. That’s why it’s so important to ask your employees what really matters—to get insights that let you focus on meaningful improvements that drive loyalty. With that lens, it’s easy to see why your customer experience and employee engagement programs are so intertwined.

Going one step further, your employees aren’t just observing your customers and reporting back—they’re actually interacting with them. The more engaged your employees are, the better those interactions will be. And the better those interactions are, the more loyal your customers will be over time.

Taco Bell gets it.

That’s why the Yum-owned brand created “Start with Us, Stay with Us”—an employee recruitment and retention initiative that will help them open 8,000 locations and hire 100,000 new employees within the next five years.

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Want to learn more about this initiative? Read the article to get the story about one truly amazing Taco Bell employee who has worked hard and taken full advantage of the Taco Bell culture to further her career: Taco Bell puts a brake on restaurant industry's revolving door.

SMG is proud to partner with Taco Bell for customer experience measurement and employee engagement research. Check out this infographic to better understand how your customer experience (CX) and employee engagement programs can work together to drive loyalty and financial performance.

Jeff Jokerst
VP, Client Insights

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