Brands have more access to better customer and competitive data using patented SurveyMini technology

Shad Foos | Feb 22, 2017 Shad Foos 02/22/17

SMG received its second and third technology patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patents cover advancements to SMG’s location-based mobile research app SurveyMini.

SurveyMini is an opt-in consumer survey app with approximately 140,000 active users from every DMA in the United States, as well as emerging coverage in the United Kingdom. Since 2012, SurveyMini has collected more than 10 million surveys each year for more than 4,500 brands across more than 600,000 geo-mapped locations. Surveys are short (never more than 11 questions), and the survey invitations are sent in the app within hours of a detected visit—meaning the reported data is highly accurate. SurveyMini also collects behavioral data for customers and non-purchasers, as well as data about competitors—giving brands a holistic view of their customers and the marketplace.

All of this rich data is then served up within BrandGeek™, SMG’s dynamic market intelligence tool. BrandGeek lets brands get hands on, slicing the data in a variety of ways in real time to understand things like visit share, reason for visit and competitive activity—all filtered by geography and demography. BrandGeek also provides branded benchmarks researchers and brand analysts can’t get anywhere else.

New patents 70000 US02 and 70001 US03 cover SurveyMini’s ability to guarantee short duration visit detection over long time periods with minimal user impact, and the manner in which SurveyMini determines if a consumer visited a business location, based on joint analysis of the panelist’s self-reported location and relevant historical data. 

The SMG technology team has made additional advancements in SurveyMini’s location detection capabilities, allowing for more accurate collection of data from smaller footprint locations and quick visit formats (convenience stores, drive-thru visits, etc.). Based on this, SurveyMini behavioral data captures approximately 600,000 customer visits per day.

Also, advancements in custom survey branching means surveys are more dynamic – reflecting individual customer journeys in a given location. This makes it easier to get department-level information (think big box retail and grocery retailers), and non-purchaser behavioral information. All of this is designed to help brands better understand the shopper journey.

“The technology world keeps getting bigger and better, and we continue to apply advanced technology to our proprietary research tools,” said SMG Chief Information Officer Dennis Ehrich. “Under the leadership of SMG Senior Vice President of Mobile Technology Lou Bellaire, we continue to blaze a tech trail in the area of mobile research. And our clients are reaping the benefits in the form of fast, accurate customer and competitive insights they can’t get anywhere else.”

For more information about SurveyMini and BrandGeek visit the brand research section of our website

Shad Foos
VP, Marketing

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