3 key ways omnichannel is changing expectations—part 1

Todd Leach | Mar 10, 2017 Todd Leach 03/10/17

omni ebookDelivering on speed is a no-brainer when it comes to meeting on customer expectations—but what does speed really mean? In part one of our three-part series on how omnichannel is changing the CX game, we dive into all the ways speed factors into the customer experience—at every touchpoint and across every channel.

Experience is everything—in-store and online

Omnichannel technologies have brought the in-store and online experiences closer than ever before. Speed is a main factor in any customer journey, and now thanks to technology, many of the same benefits of shopping online are becoming available in-store, too. Data suggests that even with growing e-commerce options, a majority of customers still prefer shopping in physical stores. Even though online transactions are growing faster than offline transactions, they only account for less than 10% of all retail sales. Online transactions may offer convenience, but customers still appreciate that the in-store experience lets them touch, feel, and see products before they buy—and take it home immediately. That means brands have to think about improving in-store experiences just as much as their online experiences, and finding ways to make both work faster.

Virtual reality

Above all else, speed means seamless—and the idea of seamless is the root of an omnichannel experience. Customer information must be available across multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey to help make interactions with your brand both efficient and effective. Remembering a customer’s most-purchased items makes checkout a breeze next time they shop. A push notification lets them open your app when they come near a store. One-click check-out saves customers from having to give the same information over and over again. These small details make a huge difference in a smooth and efficient customer experience—and that translates to a favorable brand perception and a boost in customer loyalty.

Quick on your feet

Mobile devices continue to disrupt the CX landscape—and customers are demanding more and more integration when they shop experiences. They expect to interact with your brand at their convenience from wherever they are, whenever they want. Customers want to quickly search for information on your brand, your competitors, and available products or promos. Forgot their wallet? Give them the option to pay with their phone. Social media lets customers speak their minds about a brand instantaneously—and more publicly than ever. Whether it’s a word of praise—or exposing a problem—customers expect brands to engage and respond right away. Finding ways for mobile technology to complement your in-store and e-commerce interactions is key for brands to keep their strategies nimble and efficient for customers on-the-go.

Crossing the finish line

Speed matters even after the transaction—and that means your feedback strategy. Have you checked your CX surveys lately? Too many questions take too much time—and that means customers simply won’t take them. How about your invitation method? Deliver your survey as soon as possible to get the best quality responses—which means the best quality insights for action. Got some negative feedback? Follow up ASAP to really make an impression and turn misstep into an opportunity to wow.

To read about other ways omnichannel is changing expectations—and how you can position your survey to accommodate them—check out the omni ebook.

Todd Leach
VP, Client Insights

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