Key takeaways: Restaurant Leadership Conference 2017

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The Restaurant Leadership Conference is one of the top restaurant events of the year. We partner with some amazing brands, and love the opportunity to sit next to our partners and hear the latest in industry trends and strategies. It’s an awesome event that helps strengthen our partnerships, and network with industry leaders and decision makers to learn how to better serve our clients. Here are a few of the key takeaways this year.

Despite facing a great number of challenging dynamics—third party delivery services, advanced mobile and social strategies, and ever-evolving customer preference for customization—the restaurant industry remains vibrant and committed to change. Technology, CX, and brand loyalty were a few of the hot topics on the brains of our clients and other vendors alike. Brands are pushing boundaries and innovating in extremely exciting ways, and we were thrilled to hear about it firsthand.

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We love that the conference gives us an opportunity to hear feedback from our clients, too. It gives us a chance to learn what they appreciate about our account teams and how they each use their brand’s unique data to drive action and insights. We heard so many stories from c-level client executives about how they use our data in the field—and that just reinforced how CX is truly at the core of every client’s business strategy within our SMG community.

Want to hear how our clients use our data to make big changes in their businesses? Download our Top Partnership Insights packet to learn how real brands are taking real action to serve real customers better.

Peter Berger
VP, Customer Engagement - Restaurant

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