Understanding the relationship between employee engagement and customer loyalty drives brand performance

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SMG has expanded its relationship with AMC Theatres to measure and integrate employee feedback into the customer experience (CX) measurement program. 

More and more, successful brands are coming to understand the relationship between employee engagement and customer loyalty. Brands with strong employee engagement better manage turnover, increase customers’ likelihood to recommend and improve comp sales. Not only do customers feel the difference, but in fact there is a direct link between highly engaged employees, highly loyal customers and financial performance. It’s the basis of a five-year study conducted by the Harvard Business School, culminating in The Service Profit Chain—the foundation of SMG’s strategic model.

SMG employs industry-leading technology to measure customer and employee experiences across omnichannel touchpoints, reporting the data in near real time via a configurable smg360™ dashboard and mobile app. The client insights teams work closely with brands to uncover insights and encourage actions that drive brand performance. It’s somewhat unique within the industry to deliver both tech and insights, and it’s even more unique when brands can access customer feedback and employee feedback side-by-side within the same reporting platform.

AMC Theatres, which has partnered with SMG since 2004 to measure the customer experience, recently engaged SMG for employee engagement—including onboarding and exit surveys that provide AMC with a complete view of the employee life cycle. This comprehensive approach leads to rich insights for making improvements in training and retention.

In 1991, SMG pioneered the connection between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. The tech and the analysis have evolved, but the principles remain constant. Working side-by-side with our client partners to ask the right questions and take the right actions will lead to success. It’s been amazing to see the exponential growth of our employee engagement solution based on the increasing realization that engaged employees are critical for creating loyal customers. The simple reality is that passionate, engaged employees are good for business. Brands who act on this reality are reaping the benefits of integrated, actionable insights across the board.

Learn more about SMG’s employee engagement capabilities here.

Jeff Jokerst
VP, Client Insights

Customer Experience Update