Get the best response rates with the right invitation method

Emily Gates | May 31, 2017 Emily Gates 05/31/17

This is part one in a six-part series on SMG survey best practices. Follow along to learn real, tangible ways to keep your CX surveys just as innovative as every other aspect of your brand.

Great surveys don’t mean a thing if your customers aren’t taking them. That’s why choosing the right invitation method is paramount for getting a healthy response rate. And the better your response rate, the bigger your data pool—which means more comprehensive insights to better inform your business decisions. Invitation methods are a critical part of your survey. Effective invitation methods should:

  1. Increase your response rates
  2. Generate a large, representative sample of feedback
  3. Be easy for customers to access and navigate

With a wealth of options to choose from—email, in-app, location-based mobile, text message, e-commerce, IVR, POS receipt, social media, kiosk, + more—how do you know what will work best for your brand?

Know yourself

First and foremost, knowing who your brand and your customers are is critical to guiding your decision. Surveys are an extension of your brand, and treating them with the same care as the rest of your brand strategy is critical for a seamless customer experience. Understanding your brand also helps you understand your customers, which can help you inform your survey decisions even further. How are my customers shopping? How web-savvy are they? How important are things like speed and convenience? Knowing the answer to these questions and more can help you narrow down a few methods that may resonate best with your specific business model and customer base.


Testing. Testing. 1-2-3

Once you’ve narrowed it down, the best way to find which one is the most effective for your brand is to test them out. Even if you think your current invitation method is working well, testing other methods can help you find out if you’re leaving feedback on the table. And testing helps in more ways than just choosing the best method for your brand. It can help you:

  • Better understand how different variables interact with your unique program
  • Proactively communicate those results to your stakeholders
  • Minimize whatever disruption may occur due to a shift in scores

Once your method is in place, testing it periodically can ensure you’re always using the most-effective method—even if your brand or customer expectations are shifting.

Want to know more about how to take action on your CX surveys? Download our full best practice guide here.

Emily Gates
Director, Client Insights
Customer Experience Update