Introducing smg360™ – the next generation CX data integration and reporting platform

SMG Insights | Jun 6, 2017 SMG Insights 06/06/17

It’s no secret we’re living in the age of the customer. Winning brands know customers and employees hold the keys to their success. Because of this, innovators lean on customer experience (CX) data for critical insights that inform important business decisions and inspire better customer interactions. SMG works closely with 350 brands around the globe to collect, analyze and report customer and employee feedback—all in support of driving improvements, loyalty and financial performance.

“Truth be told, within most organizations these days, there’s no shortage of customer data. But that data is often kept dark and lives in silos where it’s hard to reach and nearly impossible to act on efficiently,” said SMG Chairman and CEO Andy Fromm. “Technology constraints can keep CX professionals and business leaders from understanding what their customers really want, where they should focus and how they can educate and activate their teams.”

That’s why SMG relaunched its mobile reporting app, introducing smg360 in 2016. The app is designed specifically to put the right data in the right hands in real time. Within an increasingly competitive marketplace constantly expanding across new touchpoints, multi-unit brands have to be agile enough to get from holistic insights to location-level action. Without being tethered to a back office computer, front-line managers can quickly and easily access Areas for Focus, drill down into CX measures, manage comments and alerts in real time and pull period-end reports on demand.

The app is driving up user sessions and driving down session times, which means it’s built to quickly and intuitively provide role-based reporting appropriate for each user. Since the relaunch, the app has more users and is rated higher than any CX reporting app in the industry. In May the American Business Awards recognized the smg360 reporting app with a coveted Stevie Award, noting the app’s intuitive design and usefulness.

Last month SMG rolled out a more seamless and integrated smg360 desktop reporting experience—designed with corporate users top of mind. Phase one is designed to provide CX program managers with more access to better-looking data. Enhancements include simplified navigation, improved usability and new data visualizations. The modern interface and dynamic design allows users to more easily integrate internal and external datasets to maintain a single source of cross-channel insights. Teams can answer specific research questions with customized views and powerful report-building, as well as spot trends and track sentiment with text analytics technology.

smg360 dashboard                      

“We have more than 250,000 visits to the reporting platform each day. So this is meaningful technology for our clients,” said SMG CIO Dennis Ehrich. “And as exciting as this is for everyone, it’s really just the beginning. We’re building the foundation for what’s to come. Over time, we’ll be working behind the scenes to build out additional platform functionality including even more advanced analytics, additional API connectors for even more data sets and enhanced views and capabilities by role.” 

“Our technology advancements are very purposeful and collaborative. These moves are based on listening to our clients and studying the market. And we believe only SMG integrates technology and insights like this,” said Fromm. “Our omni dashboard delivers everything our clients need to make faster, better business decisions. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”

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