The gap between 4s and 5s is wider than you think

Jacqui Mueller | Jun 12, 2017 Jacqui Mueller 06/12/17

When it comes to customer satisfaction, 4 out of 5 sounds pretty good—but the space between 4 and 5 is actually your biggest opportunity for improvement. That’s why measuring them separately is critical for getting the best insights for action. Satisfied customers don’t behave the same way as your Highly Satisfied customers, and it’s worth understanding the difference to reap the benefits of turning your Satisfied 4s into Highly Satisfied 5s.

Here are four research-backed reasons why focusing on your top box scores can shake up your business strategy and push your brand to the front of the pack.

5s are significantly more loyal

Customer loyalty is one of the most important measures for business success. That’s what CX is all about—building great customer relationships with great customer service. Studies show that merely Satisfied customers are at a much higher risk to be lost to competitors than customers who are Highly Satisfied. And Highly Satisfied customers are 3–4 times more likely to say they are Highly Likely to Return and Recommend than Satisfied customers. On top of that, Highly Satisfied customers not only say they will return and/or recommend a business, but are much more likely to actually do so. That’s solid proof of a much stronger customer relationship. 



Key drivers point to improvements that matter most

Highly Satisfied customers increase loyalty—so how do we get more of them? Take a look at your key drivers. These are the measures that, if improved, will have the biggest impact on Overall Satisfaction.  By zeroing in on these critical areas your customers value most, you can maximize your efforts to really wow them with great service, which can help push them into the top box bucket. It’s the best and most efficient way to turn your 4s into 5s, and understanding which factors keep your customers Highly Satisfied can guarantee more 5s across the board.

Top performers stand out

Your unit-level performance plays a huge part in your brand perception. That’s where a massive percentage of your customer interactions take place. Since Satisfied customers and Highly Satisfied customers have very different impacts on your organization, it’s worth it to learn how to turn your acceptable locations into high-performing locations. Not only does this help drive even more customer loyalty, but it helps increase consistency across every location. When you measure 4s and 5s together, you lose valuable variability in unit-level performance. The figure below shows how different stores score when measuring the top two scores together versus independently. By evaluating your 4s and 5s separately, you can drill down to better understand disparity in service between individual locations. 

Top-Box-Graphic_2 (1)

It sends a message of excellence

Why be ordinary, when your brand could be extraordinary? When every industry in the market is becoming increasingly competitive, ordinary simply won’t cut it for very long. When your brand puts effort into going above and beyond to serve your customers—not simply just meet their needs—your customers will notice. Setting high standards for your organization and striving for top scores in every customer interaction gives your organization a clear focus. That helps your brand go from ordinary to extraordinary—and your customers will reward you with their loyalty and dollars.

Want to learn how to get your team on board to make top box scores a priority in your organization? Check out the infographic for 4 tips to rally your team here

Jacqui Mueller
VP, Client Insights
Customer Experience Update