Your CX program success starts from the top down

Nichole Wright | Jun 23, 2017 Nichole Wright 06/23/17

You already know the importance of a holistic, robust CX program—they give you great insights that drive action and your bottom line. Even with benefits like that, making the case to your C-level executives can still be a challenge. Driving engagement from the top down is critical in getting buy-in from every level in the organization—which is an essential part of running a successful program.

Identify the motive

Understanding your top-level attitude toward customer experience measurement is the first step in knowing how to best approach an engagement strategy. Listen to how your executives talk about the program—is it service-focused or score-focused? Are they focused on customers or sales numbers?

Executives who are service and customer-focused tend to get the best buy-in from the rest of the organization, and get the best business results from their CX program as a whole. Getting out from behind the counter and taking the time to talk to customers shows the rest of the organization that service is the priority, and customers can feel the difference.

One of our QSR clients noticed an enormous change in their business when they hired a new CEO. The previous leadership team had trouble convincing executives why CX is important—and it showed in the business. Sales had been dropping off and the brand was in duress. The new CEO came in, immediately made the CX program a priority, and had no trouble getting buy-in at every level of the company. Sales were floundering, but the new focus on serving customers brought them back up to power.

Put it into action

Even if your executives don’t know why CX should be a priority in your organization, there are a few ways to get started. Proving a few small wins with your CX insights helps build momentum and give real, tangible reasons why using the data means real results. Showing your executives CX data to prove the power of a CX program is essential to getting everyone on board.

One way to do this is to use CX data to bust myths about your customer preferences that prevent you from making crucial changes in your products, services, or business strategy to keep them moving forward. A great example of resistance from one client—“Our customers are older and not in a hurry. Speed isn’t our priority.” Our analysis showed this client that their older clients were actually the least satisfied with speed of service, which busted the myth completely. These kind of insights help inform what changes should be made to ensure every customer is satisfied.

Another common focus for many brands is winning new customers. New customers are certainly important to helping your brand build and grow, it shouldn’t be the only focus. That’s especially true if the customers you do have aren’t satisfied in the first place.

We call this a leaky bucket situation. Our studies show that if 10% of your customers are experiencing a problem with your products or service, adding more customers to your bucket leads to more dissatisfaction.

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That’s why investing in CX—versus just getting new customers—can be a more effective strategy in growing your brand. Take care of the customers you do have, and you’ll be taking care of your future customers, too.

Driving it home

Introducing any new program in an organization can be a painstaking process—so it’s no wonder some executives are less-than-enthusiastic. But when it comes to CX, the ends are always worth the means to get there. Investing in a CX program means your brand has access to insights that can fundamentally change and drive your brand forward. Having access to your customer and employee voices directly helps you target your efforts where they’re needed the most—which means no wasted energy on doing things just because it’s the way they’ve always been done.

Want to learn how one of our clients used these strategies to get their top level on board with their CX program? Get the case study here.

Nichole Wright
Director, Client Insights
Customer Experience Update