5 reasons to attend Power User Exchange in 2017

Ken White | Jul 10, 2017 Ken White 07/10/17

Watch any award ceremony and you’ll start to notice a pattern. The winner’s name is announced, the camera pans to the crowd, the winner hugs a few people around them, and the first words out of their mouths are something like, “Thanks, but I couldn’t have done it without _______.” Great relationships are the foundation of any success story, and we at SMG love opportunities that let us build them.

That’s why we look forward to our client events. They’re an exciting and important opportunity for us to learn and interact with our clients and industry peers. Our fall event, Power User Exchange, is our chance to host them in our headquarters hometown—Kansas City, Missouri.

Here are 5 reasons to put Power User Exchange on your calendar:

1. New products

Technology is at the heart of what we do here at SMG. We love building tools that help make our clients more successful—because when you succeed, we succeed, too. What better time to talk about what’s around the corner than with our clients present? Power User Exchange is the ultimate opportunity for hands-on learning about new products and our product roadmap.


This year you’ll learn more about our smg360® rollout, where we’re going with our reporting platform, and new and exciting ways we’re integrating CX datasets into our reporting dashboard. And that means you’ll be one step ahead when these products go to launch.

2. Experts
We’re lucky to have a lot of smart people here—and Power User Exchange is a great opportunity to get to know them. Not only do you get to spend quality time with your account team, but you’ll be in the room with a much broader range of product owners and department leaders you wouldn’t normally have the chance to interact with. Not only does that help you learn more about your relationship with SMG, but it helps us better serve you and your brand.

3. Peers
Any time spent around people who are passionate about the same things you are is time well spent. And Power User Exchange is full of CX professionals just like you—who represent some of the biggest national and international brands in the world. That gives you an opportunity to learn critical insider information you can’t get anywhere else. Not only that, but you’ll have the chance to share your own insights and experiences with other experts—which can help you build an even stronger brand image, too.

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4. Insights best practices
Building a CX program is no easy task. That’s why we work hard to bring you the best methods for creating and sustaining a successful program—so you can focus on building your brand and delighting your customers. Power User Exchange can give you the tools you need to become a downright CX wizard—from building better surveys to getting your C-suite on board. Let us help make your job easier, and build your brand in the process.

5. Fun
Work hard. Play hard. Our client events aren’t all insights all the time—we like to have fun, too. We love spending time with our clients and getting to play host while showing off the city we love. It gives us the opportunity to network, learn about each other, and make real relationships that last. This year that means Top Golf, food trucks, and evening entertainment in the heart of the Power & Light District. We can’t wait for you to join us.


Ken White
Chief Client Officer

Customer Experience Update