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Charlie Moore | Jul 27, 2017 Charlie Moore 07/27/17

Unsolicited feedback can give you insights your brand didn’t even know it needed. Customers can tell you aspects of their experience beyond what you’re asking in your surveys. Offering your customers an open-ended way to reach out to you is critical to running a successful CX program—but knowing how to manage that feedback can be a whole other animal.

That’s where digital comment cards come in. They let your customers come to you about their experiences with your brand—good and bad. And responding to customers quickly is critical for turning the negative interactions into positive interactions. To do that, your process for managing customer feedback has to be fast, too.

Old + busted
To get these key insights, many brands have resorted to collecting unsolicited feedback manually. Websites direct customers to an email address or form, and the responses are individually entered into a Word document or Excel file. The responses are sent by email back out to the stores so they can begin a resolution, then someone follows up with individual locations and customers to ensure the problem has been solved.

This process is slow and labor-intensive—especially if you’re a brand who is looking to scale. It can take days for customers to see a resolution. And in an instant-message world, our patience often just isn’t that long. Luckily, advancements in CX technology mean there’s a better way.

New + improved
SMG InForm makes it easy to collect and analyze unsolicited feedback at the location and brand levels. The loop that took days to close can now be wrapped up shortly after the issue is submitted—and that makes a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Here’s how it works:


SMG InForm gives your customers a simple, intuitive way for your customers to reach out to you about their brand experience. By gathering this feedback and alerting those who need to know about it, issues can get resolved right away. 82% of customers indicate the number one reason for a great customer experience is having an issue resolved quickly. That makes reporting unsolicited feedback in real time an absolute necessity if you’re going to stay ahead with customer loyalty.


Not only does it help get issues resolved, but InForm syncs your results with the rest of your CX data on SMG’s reporting website—which puts both sets of data in one place so you can easily see how they relate to one another. Plus the comments from InForm go through the same robust text analytics engine as the rest of your data, giving you a streamlined analysis that lets you better understand customer sentiment and turn data into actionable insights.

Real clients. Real results.
Here’s how one of our clients did it. A beloved regional quick service restaurant client was looking to upgrade from their manual unsolicited feedback collection process. They reached out to a third party contact center to receive and process the feedback, but found it difficult to maintain a sense of brand authenticity by outsourcing the responsibility to someone else. The reporting platform also left plenty to be desired in both functionality and depth of insights.

The client launched our InForm tool and were able to automatically route concerns and feedback to those in the organization who needed it most. Not only that, but the information collected is delivered in real time and reported alongside the rest of their CX insights in the reporting platform.

  • Comments are displayed in easily identifiable categories
  • Regions can compare their performance against other regions
  • Individual stores can see how they stack up against the rest of the franchise
  • Management has access to a daily report using the built-in reporting function

With the introduction of InForm, our client spends less time manually processing, analyzing, and reporting guest feedback—and more time acting on it. That lets them focus on the stuff that makes their brand a favorite in their region, and keeps their customers coming back again and again.

If you’re curious about automating your process for managing unsolicited feedback, you can read more about SMG InForm here.

Charlie Moore
VP, CX Solutions

Customer Experience Update