Fear of missing out? Don’t skip SMG Client Connect 2017

Jeremy Michael | Aug 28, 2017 Jeremy Michael 08/28/17

I’m often accused of being too nice. Clients tell me I should be far more blunt with them when their CX scores are not looking good. They also ask me to tell them more about what everyone else is doing. You can imagine the scenario: a client’s scores are up 2%, but how does this compare to the other brands in their sector? How has Brand X achieved a 6% increase, despite suffering from similar market conditions as the other retailers? How have they managed to create a culture whereby CX is genuinely a part of their business? What new technology is SMG developing to help us over the coming years?


All good questions. In fact, we love the fact that our partnerships are based on questions, challenges, open discussions, and shared learnings. It demonstrates that our clients care and want to take action to drive improvement—which is music to our ears.

Bringing our clients together

That’s why we created SMG Client Connect. While we are not at liberty to tell you what other clients do, we find that the culture of sharing and comparing is very much alive and well within our client portfolio. I am repeatedly amazed and impressed by the honesty and openness of our clients’ willingness to help each other. We’ve learned that clients also want to know a little about the SMG product roadmap and what our product development team is currently working on. And we’ve learned that clients want to know which specific actions they can take back to their businesses to drive the CX agenda up their organization’s priority list.


This year’s Client Connect takes place in Central London on Thursday 9th November. We have some fascinating speakers who will share their stories—including Chris English, McDonald’s Director of National Operations, and Martin Watkins, Shell’s UK Operations Manager. Also speaking is Jeff Fromm, a specialist in millennial research, to help us all understand how to resonate better with the millennial demographic.

Why you should be there

We have workshops tailored to the various business needs—ranging from how to better use the reporting tools to a fantastic session focusing on joining the dots of the full omniCX experience.


And finally, we have the exciting Top Partnership Insights awards—where we celebrate the successes of those brands that have taken brand-boosting actions on their data and insights. Over the course of the year, our account teams submit the big wins their clients have achieved. We pick the best of the best and give them a shiny statue to commemorate the occasion while surrounded by their SMG family and industry peers. Not only does it help strengthen our partnerships, but it inspires brands to keep taking action.


Client Connect is sure to be a fantastic event—and is sure to leave you feeling excited, refreshed, and equipped with the tools that will make 2018 your brand’s best year yet.

In the interest of not being too nice—do more than think about coming. Click here to register your spot today. Your attendance will help you know more and do better.

Jeremy Michael
UK Managing Director

Customer Experience Update