6 ways to get great CX feedback on your branded app

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There’s no doubt mobile will act as the primary enabler for the growing digitization of the customer experience. In the next 10 years, no new device will overtake the scale of the more than 6 billion mobile phones on the planet.

Now more than ever, companies are thinking about mobile apps as an extension of the brand and the customer experience as a whole. With customers demanding more and more out of the app experience, it’s critical to understand what features make the most sense for your brand. That means learning more about your customers and how they might benefit from all the possibilities an app might offer.


So how can brands ensure they’re effectively measuring their customers’ app experiences? Here are 6 best practices to help you put your best foot forward when measuring this important channel.

1. Be clear on what you’re measuring
Without a goal in mind for what you want to know from your customers, you’ll waste a lot of time and resources on stuff that doesn’t really matter. Are you measuring your app’s performance? Are you looking for feedback about a specific function within the app? Are you asking about the overall experience? Being super clear about what you want to measure (and the outcomes you’re looking for) is an essential first step in laying the foundation for a successful measurement program.

2. Keep the survey short
Interrupting your customers for most reasons during their day is already a risky move for a brand. People are busier than ever and always looking for ways to save time. Surveys that take too long to complete are a sure way to annoy them—especially on a mobile device. Keeping your surveys as brief as possible is the best way to reduce abandonment rates and let your customers know you value both their time and their feedback.

3. Seamlessly integrate the survey
Just like your app, the survey also serves as an extension of your brand. Make sure your survey is embedded seamlessly within the app environment and maintains the same look and feel. That way customers don’t feel like they’ve been taken out of the app experience they’re supposed to be rating, and they’ll be more likely to complete the survey.

4. Integrate data
Use technology to your advantage and make sure you’re capturing survey data automatically. SMG does this through our survey API integration. That means we can integrate things like the Unique ID of your customer, transaction total, products purchased, or any other behavioral data, which helps streamline the survey experience and improve your insights. The tight handshake between your app and the survey data can vastly increase the value of the feedback it generates.

5. Offer commensurate incentives

If you’re taking customers’ time, it’s good practice to give them a reward for their valuable feedback. In keeping with the seamless theme, you should also integrate the incentive into your app’s own rewards or coupon capabilities. This will increase your feedback pool and reward your customers for engaging with your brand.

6. Invite customers to rate the app
If your customers love the experience you’re delivering, make it easy for them to share their feedback in the App Store or on Google Play. After all, happy customers are your brand’s best brand advocates. Encourage them to share what they love about your app so the next time a customer comes across it, the decision to download is a no-brainer.

Bottom line
Measuring your customer’s in-app experience is essential as more brands are looking for more ways to incorporate technology into their customer experience. Leveraging the fast feedback available with in-app technology will allow you to quickly test and refine new features and functions. And knowing what your users think is the best way to keep them coming back for more.

Derek Swords
Director, Product Development

Customer Experience Update