How mobile access to CX data engages the field + drives results

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We all know how difficult it is to change your work habits. That’s why SMG is always trying to find new and innovative ways for our clients to get the data and insights they need, without disrupting their day-to-day jobs. When we launched the smg360® mobile app, we thought about how we could build a tool that adds the most value for clients’ employees by providing more convenient access to the data and insights they need, ultimately making their jobs easier.

Based on the feedback we’ve gotten, we think the smg360 mobile app is doing just that. Managers are closing out alerts 3x faster than before, and they have significantly fewer unresolved alerts. And management positions no longer have to wait until they get a moment to check the backroom computer to access the data—now they can check scores, read comments, and close out alerts, all without leaving the front lines. With that streamlined access leading to field teams being more engaged with the CX program, it’s no wonder our clients are raving about the app.


Getting the app in-hand

It’s easy for us to talk about all the benefits of using the app, because we built it. But we know getting teams on board is easier said than done. Encouraging employees to download and use an app on their phones can feel like a big ask, and it’s understandable why some companies might be hesitant. That’s why we’re so excited to see all of the unique approaches our clients are taking to promote the smg360 app across their teams, including:

  • Calling out the app in internal channels like company newsletters
  • Adding splash pages advertising the app to the desktop reporting website
  • Having senior executives send personal emails about their own app usage

One client in particular started at the store manager level, encouraging them to have conversations with their colleagues about how they use the app. They were able to communicate exactly how the app would make their jobs easier, which led to over half of all employees using the app regularly. That level of engagement can have a huge impact. Our research shows top-performing locations use reporting tools 2x as often and outperform their less engaged counterparts in comp sales, Overall Satisfaction, and key loyalty metrics.


Mobile means even better engagement

But what if you already have great engagement with your CX program? Why would you want to change how managers access those insights? Even when brands have good buy-in, we’ve found that the more options your employees have to access CX data, the better. Giving your employees the option to choose which method works best for them not only increases the effectiveness of the role, but makes them feel more invested in the task at hand.

It’s also important to position the app as complementary to the desktop platform, rather than a total replacement. In most cases, once the mobile option has been introduced and managers start getting familiar with it, they end up preferring the ease and convenience of the app over the desktop version. Chances are if they’re committed to using the tools, they’ll eventually migrate toward the ones that help them do their jobs most efficiently.

Bottom line

If your brand is invested in a CX program—but app adoption is low (or worse, nonexistent)—ask yourself if you’re willing to make a minor change for the sake of major improvements. After all, creating a positive change in your business is what building a great CX program is all about.

SMG is committed to developing the tools that make measuring and improving customer experiences easier for our clients—and the smg360 app is no exception. If you want to engage the field and inspire them to deliver better customer experiences, bring your insights out of the back room and into the field.

To learn more about the smg360 app, download the full product piece—or check out it out for yourself in the App Store and Google Play.

Claudette Stevenson
Sr. Program Manager, Operations 

Customer Experience Update