Text analytics helps you do more than just listen

Teresa Cain | Oct 31, 2017 Teresa Cain 10/31/17

The way people shop is changing faster than ever. From online to in-store, consumers have access to vast amounts of information that helps drive every purchase decision they make—which means more competition than ever. In a challenging market like that, your brand has to find innovative ways to:

  • Differentiate against competition
  • Drive loyalty + sales
  • Connect with customers
  • Understand their needs

Text analytics is a powerful tool that helps you do more than just listen to your customers’ needs. Whether you’re using machine learning, natural language processing, or manual coding—reading and evaluating customer feedback is what leads to the insights your brand needs to take action.

Stop negative experiences in their tracks

According to Expert System Semantic Intelligence, text analytics is essentially the ability to take human language information and make it understandable by computers to help find what value lies in unstructured text data. Text analytics lets users take a large pool of unstructured text data and find meaning, context, patterns, relationships, and even sentiments within it. You get a better—and more human—sense of your customers’ preferences, frustrations, likes, and wants. And that deep level of analysis creates opportunities for brands to celebrate an outstanding employee, prevent problems, or turn a negative experience around.

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An item that’s perpetually out of stock. A restroom that’s never clean. Wouldn’t it be great to prevent these negative experiences from happening again? Text analytics lets you pinpoint what your customers are saying so you can get ahead of the issue. That means you know exactly where to take action to give your customers an outstanding experience with your brand every time.

Combine text analytics with other data for deeper insights

Gathering unstructured data means getting insights into the stuff you aren’t always asking about—which enhances your brand strategy by surfacing ideas you wouldn’t necessarily have arrived at on your own. Open-ended feedback can illuminate areas in your customer experience you didn’t realize were—or weren’t—working very well. And when you pair that with your standard survey data, you can get a well-rounded and holistic understanding of what it’s like to experience your brand from the customer’s point of view. Text analytics technology can be applied to every touchpoint you measure—and even the those you don’t.

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The right CX partner can help you do that easily and thoroughly so you can keep your customers loyal. SMG offers tools that help our clients gain insights across multiple touchpoints and multiple locations. When we combine those sets of data, our clients get clear, actionable answers to their biggest customer experience questions. That’s the biggest difference between just gathering feedback, and actually listening to your customers.

Make text analytics make sense

So how do you know if a text analytics solution is right for your business? It’s worth exploring If your brand is looking to:

  • Improve the overall customer experience
  • Make sense of the unstructured data you collect via surveys, review sites, call centers, + more
  • Gain deep insights from data collected across multiple locations + touchpoints
  • Get real-time alerting on comments so you can take action right away
  • Drive more sales + improve customer loyalty

If any of these goals sound like they make sense for your brand, SMG has the experience and passion to help you achieve them. Want to learn more about our text analytics solution? Check out the full product piece here to learn more.

Teresa Cain
Product Manager

Customer Experience Update