Make your CX program rollout official—and noteworthy

Jacqui Mueller | Nov 14, 2017 Jacqui Mueller 11/14/17

Investing in a customer experience measurement (CX) program is a big deal—especially when that investment has the power to make fundamental improvements throughout your entire business. That’s why taking the right steps early for a successful launch is a critical part in setting your program up for long-term wins. In our previous blogs about launching your CX program, we’ve discussed how to put the right people in charge and brand your program to fit into your company culture. The next step is making the program introduction official and something to celebrate.

Prioritize the program from the top down

Getting your entire organization on board with the program is key for a great launch, but especially at the top. When your top-level executives make the program a priority, it helps establish the program as a priority for the entire organization, too. Consistent engagement from your executives helps drive engagement at every level of the business, and that’s what sets a powerful CX program up for success right from the start.

A great way to engage the executive team early on is to find opportunities for them to network and collaborate with other CX professionals. At SMG, we host two annual client events, Power User Exchange and SMG Forum. At each event, attendees have the chance to:

  • Hear from some of the world’s most engaging keynote presenters
  • Tackle program challenges and share best practices in small-group roundtables
  • Celebrate and learn from insights that have led to tangible business results

Position the value of the program

Your team will want to know how their individual responsibilities will be affected, but it’s critical to communicate the end goal as well. And the steering committee you put in place at the start of the launch can help you get everyone at every level of the organization on board and up to speed. Communicating how CX programs help brands understand and serve their customers better lets your team know how the launch benefits everyone in the organization.

Better experiences mean more happy customers—and more happy customers mean fewer issues to resolve and easier interactions. That gives your team more time to spend on innovating and improving your brand experiences. And better brand experiences mean more customer loyalty—and increased revenue.

Stage the process

Introducing a new program all at once can feel overwhelming to your team. When you make the first mention, it’s important to position the initiative as an ongoing process, rather than a one-time shift in operations. Giving your team the right information at the right time can help them see how the program adds value to their role, as opposed to being just an extra responsibility or change in policy. Here are three ways to effectively communicate how the launch will add value to every aspect of the business:

  • Develop and distribute role-specific user guides
  • Hang back-of-the-house posters and fliers to help highlight specific responsibilities and expectations
  • Communicate an implementation timeline to corporate stakeholders


Implementing these strategies lets your team see how the program will impact their day-to-day, and how their roles fit into the program as a whole. Posters and user guides give everyone an easy reference when they have questions, and a solid timeline helps stakeholders understand why each action taken along the way matters.

Bottom line

Launching your program requires careful planning and execution. Being proactive about communicating the initiative to your organization helps ensure team-wide buy-in and a sustained, successful life of the program. Making the rollout feel like a company-wide event helps:

  • Inspire field team excitement
  • Capture executive attention
  • Spark customer interest

Engagement early-on helps when communicating everyone’s specific roles and responsibilities—and getting everyone on the same page when it comes to the end goal. A successful CX program is essential when it comes to gathering data and insights that help you understand and serve your customers better. And that means more repeat business—and a better bottom line.

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Jacqui Mueller
VP, Client Insights

Customer Experience Update