Your front-line employees wield more power than your CEO

Jennifer McKenzie | Feb 20, 2018 Jennifer McKenzie 02/20/18

We’ve all been there. You walk into a store known for great service, only to be met by an employee who would clearly rather be someplace else. The best reputations don’t always match the specific encounter, and when that happens, it’s usually because front-line teams don’t feel personally accountable for the customer experience. But nothing could be further from the truth. They own it.

While messages from leadership can inspire engagement in CX, it takes more specific actions to keep front-line teams fully invested in your program. It requires day-to-day communication that shows them how their efforts are making a difference. Whether it’s the “A” on a report card or a thumbs-up from the boss, when people know their work is getting noticed, their motivation goes up.

Here are a few ways to boost engagement with your CX program, without bogging down your employees with data:

Use service alerts in multiple ways

Service alerts are obviously a great tool for resolving customer issues—but that’s not their only function. They’re also a great resource for showcasing employees who delivered an exceptional experience. Take advantage of this feedback by pinpointing areas for improvement, and also celebrating associates’ success. This will provide validation to the employees who are performing well, and also drum up motivation for those falling behind.

Stoke the competitive spirit

A little friendly competition can further boost your team’s enthusiasm for CX, along with their determination to do their best. Use internal benchmarks to recognize top performers in your monthly communications, and external benchmarks to get a better sense of how to define your goals. Track improvements that get you closer to becoming the industry leader.

Train on specific metrics

Once CX key drivers are identified, clearly communicate them to your employees and provide them with actionable insight. Zone in on just a few areas for focus, so every team member can put their energy into what matters most. If you throw too much at them at once, they’re less likely to take action. Set realistic expectations, and applaud the stores who deliver.

Share what customers actually say

Don’t just summarize the customer experience with numbers—deliver the full message. Sharing customers’ open-ended comments with your front-line team gives them feedback straight from the source. By providing real-life examples, you can have a bigger impact than just offering a hypothetical situation, and better prepare employees for what they could encounter in the field.

CX Alerts

Your front-line team is the face of your brand—they mean everything to your CX program. Prepare them with the tools they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and continue to drive motivation from the top-down.

To learn more about how to keep everybody on board your CX program, check out our guide, “7 Keys to Launching a Successful Customer Experience Program.”


Jennifer McKenzie | Director, Client Insights

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