Break down company walls for team unity + brand strength

Nichole Wright | Mar 6, 2018 Nichole Wright 03/06/18

When it comes to customer experience (CX) measurement, it’s important each team member—from IT and HR to leadership and the field—has individual goals and a feeling of self-accountability. But it’s just as important for a person to integrate those specific roles and personal expectations into the big picture and know how they affect the company as a whole. Specific programs and initiatives are often delegated to a certain department and can send a “not my problem” message to individuals not directly involved. The goal should be to unify the team and demonstrate a “stronger together” mentality by showing everyone’s responsibility.

Providing full transparency, clear goals, and open communication will help keep members of your team on the same track. When programs get siloed, engagement gets stifled. Make sure there is visibility in every department, at every level, so every member of the team understands your CX program is a unified effort. Here are a few ways to tear down those barriers and get everyone working together:

Implement a branding strategy specific to your program

The most successful CX programs are the ones properly branded and curated to reflect the culture of a company. Though there are best practices, there isn’t a universal approach or style that works for every organization every time. Customize goals and incentives that will most excite and bond your employees, which in turn, will have a bigger impact on your customers.

By thoughtfully branding your CX program, you can:

  • Capture front-line attention + inspire excitement in the field
  • Establish the program as part of the larger company strategy
  • Demonstrate to customers that their feedback is important

CX Program Branding Strategy

Set up a cross-functional steering committee

Once you have your program branded in a way that will get your team on board, select representatives from each department to create a steering committee. Think of it as your company’s United Nations or Student Council. It’s a group of people from different areas responsible for syncing up improvement efforts and broadening potential program impact. An effective steering committee allows you to:

  • Consider insights more holistically from multiple departmental perspectives
  • Create comprehensive action plans with integrated cross-functional input
  • Ensure the right people are in the room when opportunities arise

When various departments have tangible insight into the effect each has on the other, it will result in a clearer and smoother execution of larger initiatives. For example, a restaurant client uses its CX program to drive consistency at multiple levels—shift leaders have real-time access to Quickscores, comparisons, trends, and period reports; general managers access the website to track and assess areas for focus and review survey responses from restaurant guests; and marketing associates use this data to evaluate menu feedback. The cross-functional group then leverages all this data for operational decision-making.

Recognize your front line’s efforts + successes

Having more visibility across all departments will also spark a greater drive for success. When team members’ efforts are being tracked and noticed throughout the whole organization, they’re more likely to strive toward goals that will elicit celebration. By breaking down walls, you’re providing a bigger platform and expanding the audience. This will make team members all the more willing to bring their A-game. To drum up excitement, try the following:

  • Send program communications addressed personally from executive stakeholders
  • Put a spotlight on CX insights at company conferences + training sessions
  • Celebrate program wins as an organization—visibly + consistently

Celebrate CX Programs

An engaged field means a healthier brand

Making sure your organization is a unified group, rather than just a collection of employees, will have a positive impact on your brand’s long-term health—including increased customer loyalty, gain in competitive visit share, and eventually higher comp sales.

To learn more about how to break down your company’s walls and secure organizational buy-in with your front-line team, download our best practice guide “10 ways to spark field engagement in your CX program.”


Nichole Wright | Director, Client Insights

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