SMG Employee Spotlight – Ashley Smith

Employee Spotlight | Mar 27, 2018 Employee Spotlight 03/27/18

Our Employee Spotlight series gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at what makes SMG work—our people. Learn more about the team dedicated to developing successful relationships and seeking new opportunities for growth.

Get to know Ashley Smith – Customer Engagement Director.


Tell us what an average day in the life is like for you.

In sales, there is one thing that remains consistent, and that is daily prospecting. Each day, I’m engaging leading brands across the country to understand how we can help them listen better, act faster, and outperform their competitors through SMG’s customer and employee feedback solutions. Through discovery calls, webinar presentations, and onsite executive meetings, we dream big with our clients—helping create a vision for the future of their brand’s customer experience—and when we get it right, create new client relationships (that’s the best part, of course)!

What is it like working on your team?

There is a focused, yet fun energy on our sales team. We work in an open environment which creates great collaboration. We celebrate each other’s success, and support each other when that unavoidable little thing called “rejection” happens.

What do you love most about your job?

Collaborating with some of the biggest and best brands in the world, and delivering solutions to their problems. That’s the greatest reward for me. I can’t say I’ve felt that kind of impact in a career before SMG.

How does your job contribute to our clients’ success?

Without sales, there wouldn’t be new clients to support! Through the prospecting journey, we uncover their existing challenges and needs, as well as how SMG can help. Once a prospect becomes a client, we collaborate closely with the SMG Client Insights team to relay everything we’ve learned, helping to design a customized CX solution that best serves them. Our end goal is to drive brand loyalty and financial growth for our clients, so when we see those results happen for brands we’ve introduced to SMG, it feels pretty darn good!

What would you tell someone interested in joining the SMG team?

You won’t regret it! I’ve grown more professionally in my time at SMG than any job I’ve held before. The innovation and collaboration that happens within our four walls is unlike any environment I’ve previously been in.

How would you describe SMG in 3 words?

Innovative. Collaborative. Dedicated.

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