The results are in—SMG is a Great Place To Work®

Kim Klosak | Apr 5, 2018 Kim Klosak 04/05/18

We already knew it, but now it’s official—SMG is a certified Great Place To Work! Nearly 300 of our employees shared their thoughts and provided valuable insight on what it’s like to be a part of our team. From company culture and job perks to professional challenges and leadership support, here are some of the reasons why we love coming to work every day.


Up for the challenge

SMG is growing and constantly evolving, and no day is exactly the same. That’s good for a group of innovators like us. We’re continuously advancing our own capabilities and skill sets, and we get to work with some of the biggest and best brands in the world.

We also invest a lot in our people. From day 1 at SMG, employees are provided with training, tools, and feedback, and each person, on every level, is a vital contribution to the team. We strive to make sure everyone continues to challenge themselves and take pride in their work. Here are a few ways we help set our people up for success:

  • Each employee completes DiSC® assessment + training to improve work productivity, teamwork, + communication
  • Everyone is encouraged to fill out a Personal Growth Plan with their managers to take control of their own career path
  • Various internal cadres allow employees to take on leadership roles and enhance their expertise in a specified area

“The extensive investment that SMG puts into its employees is not something that I have experienced with previous employers, and while it should not be labeled unusual, it is definitely refreshing. I am consistently given new opportunities to broaden my skill set and grow into my role at SMG.”

Cool company culture

Loving your job is important but so is enjoying where you do that job. A casual dress code, snack closet full of goodies, and bring-your-dog-to-work Fridays are just a few of the little office perks our employees love. Sure, a fitness center and free concert tickets don’t make or break a place, but they certainly don’t hurt.

But more importantly, we strive to make sure each person at SMG is able to make time for their health, family, and community. By offering additional PTO dedicated to charitable causes, we encourage public service. And our PTO donation program allows employees to donate hours to a coworker dealing with a difficult health situation.

“The company and teams really care about the people. All things are celebrated and everyone is always taken care of in times of need. SMG doesn't only care about hiring people to do the work that needs to be done, but people that fit the company's upbeat and fun culture which makes coming to work fun.”

Support from the top

We believe in building a strong team from the top-down and put a lot of focus on management and leadership training. Last year alone, we provided special mid-level manager share groups, a situational leadership and emotional intelligence training, and leadership coaching for our VPs and executive team. We also encourage growth plans within the organization and have support resources available for managers to assist their team.

No one sits in a private office here, not even our CEO. Our open floor plan promotes conversation and interaction, across all levels and departments. New hires have a sit-down lunch with each member of the executive team, and company-wide social events encourage meet-and-greets.

“I have faith and trust in my managers. They provide feedback and coaching that I respect and value. I know that they make me better at my job… I continue to learn every day.”

Be a part of our team

We love it here and think you would, too. To read more about our Great Place To Work certification or for open opportunities at SMG, check out our career page.

Kim Klosak | VP, Human Resources
Customer Experience Update