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Jennifer McKenzie | May 15, 2018 Jennifer McKenzie 05/15/18

The success of any CX program depends largely on your field teams. But you can’t expect them to blindly trust the program. A lot of big talk isn’t nearly as motivating as truth in numbers, so show them. By giving your team tangible examples with data, you will create employee engagement, inspire them to get on board, and help carry out the mission of your CX program.

In a previous blog, we dug into step one of driving field engagement: breaking down company walls to maximize engagement. Once you have the unified front established, it’s time to arm your team with information to help drive their efforts. One of the most important things you can do to spark field engagement is show them early and often that they can trust the data and use it to point them in the right direction.

Here are 3 ways to take business metrics out of the abstract and into action:

Create and track objective impact

Before you really get into the numbers, take a step back and come up with a communication strategy. Put yourself in the shoes of your field team. You can’t bombard them with too much information, so decide what will have the most impact. Make sure the message you are sending is concise, motivating, and most of all, actionable.

Take a look at your key drivers and determine that your focus is on the right measures so your team’s time and effort are spent on something that is truly impactful. Also be sure to complement the data with customer comments to humanize the experience for your team. By showing them the real-life impact they have on customers, you can help drive motivation.

Check off these items before you roll out communication to your team:

  • Simplify your top-down messaging to identify the biggest opportunities
  • Confirm key drivers with operational audits + field observations
  • Bolster your data with qualitative insights from real-time customer comments

It’s also a good idea to take a look at your data integrity efforts and make sure you’re collecting data that is accurate, trustworthy, and actionable.

Establish financial linkage

Let’s be real: your field team wants you to show them the money. One of the most impactful ways to show relatable and concrete proof of your CX program is through financial linkage. Not only does it provide a tangible proof point, but it’s a good way to demonstrate how systems inside your program are working together. Pair your CX data with the following financials to show your field team how this affects the bottom line:

  • Average tip amount
  • Increases at the transaction level
  • Comp sales across locations

For example, a UK retail client had huge success with their financial linkage efforts and was able to deliver robust data to their field team to really drive engagement with the program. By establishing the transaction-level impact of a top box experience and drawing a clear link between colleague satisfaction and NPS, they raised employee engagement and in turn, increased customer satisfaction.

[graphic: From Pets at Home case study]


Demonstrate how the program affects the everyday job

While it’s important to present the big picture to your team, it’s just as vital to demonstrate how their everyday efforts have a big impact. Time your insights and customize improvement strategies around things that have a direct effect on front-line performance, including:

  • Holidays + peak traffic periods
  • Special company events
  • Promotional campaigns + new items

Smaller, more attainable goals peppered throughout the year will create more focus and allow for more frequent celebrations. Show your team that engagement in the CX program is worth it to them. It’s more than making the leadership team happy; it’s giving them an opportunity to be successful on the job, make an impact on the customer, and celebrate small victories.

The time is now

Don’t let your data live in the abstract one more day. Provide perspective to your field teams early on, so they know how much time and energy should be invested in the program. It’s important to motivate with clear objectives, financial linkage, and everyday impact right out of the gate.

For more information, check out our best practice guide: 10 ways to spark field engagement in your CX program.

Jennifer McKenzie | Director, Client Insights

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