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Charlie Moore | May 22, 2018 Charlie Moore 05/22/18

The stakes are high when it comes to your brand’s website. Nearly 8 in 10 Americans have made some sort of purchase online and 15% buy online on a weekly basis. And it’s not just e-commerce consumers who are influenced by your website—one third of shoppers visit the brand’s website when visiting a brick and mortar location, mostly to check availability and pricing, and search for current promotions. How they feel about your website greatly impacts their behavior in store:

Overall Satisfaction with Website

Clearly having a handle on the online process is imperative to a brand’s success. And the best way to make sure that happens is to see it through the eyes of your customer and find out what that journey is like for them. By giving them the opportunity to provide feedback on their online experience, you’re able to constantly improve the process. Here are 3 tips for gathering consumer feedback online:

Create a convenient way to leave feedback

Most customers are shopping online because of convenience. If your website is cumbersome, or provides user challenges, it is extremely frustrating for a customer. They’ll just jump ship and click somewhere else. And if they can’t tell you why, it’s an added strike against you.

By allowing your customers to let you know what they think with just one click, they will be more likely to provide helpful information. Don’t make them hunt for it. A floating—not fixed—tab that follows their journey will make sure they can leave feedback when and where they want.

Provide your customer with options

Is the user experiencing an ease of navigation throughout the entire process? Are there helpful product descriptions? Was the checkout efficient and seamless? You need to know what your customer experiences through every touchpoint of their online journey.

Give your customers multiple feedback options, on varying levels. Allow them to leave a more targeted comment on a certain page with a link back to the area of the page related to the feedback, or leave a generic comment on your overall site. In addition to specific or generic feedback, omnichannel brands should also consider offering a customized link to point customers to a contact us page or a channel-specific survey to capture feedback about a specific customer experience issue or question.

Collect data 24/7

Many feedback programs prompt a lengthier survey which can have a delay in communication and create a lower response rate. But a feedback program that allows immediate customer response can make you aware of issues right away and allow you to take action quickly. Notifications should be sent to the designated parties within your team to address usability or customer experience feedback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Integrated reporting drives insight and action. That requires intuitive dashboards, an ability to build reports to drill down into the data, and text analytics to turn customer comments into actionable insights. 

The goal for your website is to be the go-to spot for consumers, whether for an online purchase or to check out a product before heading into the store. Help gain an edge over competitors by ensuring their online experience is informative, uncomplicated, and productive.

We designed our eTrack feedback tab with all this in mind, providing an easy way to measure the e-commerce experience and implement a seamless omnichannel strategy. For more information, read our SMG eTrack product piece.

Charlie Moore | VP, CX Solutions

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