Curiosity fuels the path to innovation

Andy Fromm | Jun 29, 2018 Andy Fromm 06/29/18

When it comes to innovation, I’ve come to realize that it’s impossible to map out point A to point B. The journey isn’t direct, but rather a meandering path, full of redirections, twists, and turns. I strive to let curiosity drive me every day. I hope to inspire that approach internally as a company and through our partnership with clients. True insight comes from asking questions, sharing information, and challenging each other.

This mindset is what led me to work on my first book. I partnered with Diana Kander—New York Times best-selling author—who nailed it with her book All in Startup. The two of us started talking about the challenge so many companies face—of maintaining growth and success and not plateauing—and we kept coming back to that one word: curiosity.

From that exploration came the creation of our new book, The Curiosity Muscle. Rather than being a tome, the novel focuses on what’s most important. We share our knowledge through the story of a fictional chain of gyms that is struggling to stay connected to their customers. In the process, we break down these four questions essential to every company’s continued success:

  • What are your blind spots?
  • Are you focused on the right things?
  • What can you test?
  • How can you engage others to achieve your goals?

Too often we end up protecting what we have rather than continuing to be curious and pushing ourselves to innovation. The truth is, people are inherently dissatisfied. Customers want the next new thing—that’s better, faster, more customized. And it’s this desire for change that gets us out of bed in the morning. Great companies always look for ways to bring in new ideas to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. If we accept innovation and change as a requirement, the right path to get to that innovation is curiosity.

I look forward to expanding on these four essential curiosity questions in a series of blog posts over the next few months. Stay tuned.

Andy Fromm | Chairman + CEO

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