Strength in numbers: Get an actionable sample to guide your CX focus

Jennifer McKenzie | Aug 16, 2018 Jennifer McKenzie 08/16/18

Field engagement is vital to the success of any CX measurement program. Without the dedication and follow-through from your front-line team, the voice of your customer will never be heard. In order to keep your team engaged, we defined the first 3 steps you should take:

  1. Break down company walls to maximize engagement
  2. Pair CX data with familiar metrics to showcase accuracy + impact
  3. Tailor reporting tools to specific roles

Today we’re going to discuss the fourth step: how to get an actionable sample to guide your CX focus. Our studies show that more engaged locations consistently have higher response rates than their disengaged counterparts. If you’re not getting to a certain threshold of responses every month, it means you’re not hearing from enough customers to get a representative sample.

To ensure each location is getting a sufficient response rate:

  • Create store signage + remind the front line to inform customers about the survey
  • Use multiple invitation methods to get a broader, more representative sample
  • Drive up response rates + return visits simultaneously by using bounce-back incentives

You can also call out response counts as a key metric and track progress across locations using back-of-house noticeboards and monthly reports. When employees fully understand the value of hearing from every customer, they also realize the importance of making every customer interaction worth talking about.

Also consider offering multiple invitation methods to get a more representative sample, including:

  • Smartcodes printed on POS receipts
  • Branded email invitations
  • Integration with your brand’s mobile app

Putting a plan into action

When you’re able to quantify the impact a great customer experience has on every single transaction, it’s easy to secure organizational buy-in for your CX program. In this case study, we looked at how hmv overtook Amazon as the UK’s top physical music and DVD retailer, using customer feedback to understand and deliver on its unique competitive strengths.

hmv’s keys to success included:

  • Integrating a cutting-edge CX program that engages all levels of the business
  • Identifying differentiators + communicating how they fit into every employee's role
  • Developing a comprehensive, cross-functional plan to improve the guest experience

By launching their “hear my voice” campaign—a customer experience measurement program designed to match hmv’s iconic brand—the company saw a huge increase in response rate. They dedicated the first year of the program to collecting more data and finding ways to guide focused action.

To get a clearer picture, it was critical to turn up the volume on customer feedback. hmv held regional meetings with all store managers to articulate the key role the program would play going forward and to emphasize the organizational commitment to improving the customer experience. After each regional meeting, there was a consistent jump in response rates, going from about 900 per week to nearly 1,800 at the top end.


hmv is an excellent example of how to successfully launch a program by engaging field teams. Their program made an incredible impact on both the customer experience and overall business—including
a 7-ppt increase in Overall Satisfaction from the first year of the program.

An engaged team means a healthier brand

To learn more about how to secure organizational buy-in with your front-line team and drive response rates from customers, download our best practice guide 10 ways to spark field engagement in your CX program.


Jennifer McKenzie | Director, Client Insights

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