SMG Employee Spotlight - Alisha Laughlin

Employee Spotlight | Sep 17, 2018 Employee Spotlight 09/17/18

Our Employee Spotlight series gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at what makes SMG work—our people. Learn more about our team and get to know Alisha Laughlin – Solution Analyst.


What is your position at SMG?

I am a Solution Analyst (SA) in the Client Insights department. As an SA, I act as the liaison between our Client Insights and Technology departments to ensure our survey and reporting systems meet our clients’ needs.

Tell us what an average day in the life is like for you.

I work on a large number of accounts, so there is a lot of multi-tasking and bouncing around from project to project. Most of my day is spent working on various requests from our clients across our survey, alerting, and reporting platforms, as well as helping my teams troubleshoot any technical issues that arise.

What is it like working on your team?

I am lucky enough to be on multiple teams—and they all have a great “work hard, play hard” mentality. During the day, we are constantly working together, thinking of new and better ways to support our clients. Outside the office, we are a very close-knit group and try to plan as many happy hours, team outings, and client site visits as we can.

What do you love most about your job?

My favorite part about being an SA is getting to work with such a wide variety of people. We work across pretty much every department at SMG, so we have a lot of exposure to meeting all the awesome people who work here. SMG has such a collaborative work environment, and that really makes everything that we do possible.

How does your job contribute to our clients’ success?

We are definitely more behind-the-scenes in the SA role, but most of the day-to-day technical requests that my clients ask for are completed by me. Even the requests that aren't completed by an SA require our help in some way—we still get the opportunity to help facilitate with other departments. My account teams depend on me to complete my work in a timely manner while still maintaining a high level of quality to meet our clients’ needs.

What would you tell someone interested in joining the SMG team?

If you are looking for an innovative, fast-paced company with some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet, then SMG is the place for you.

How would you describe SMG in 3 words?

Collaborative. Evolving. Fun!

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