Time is money: Smart survey technology garners richer insights faster

Katie Miller | Oct 2, 2018 Katie Miller 10/02/18

Winning in the age of the customer requires a customer-centric approach and experiential innovations. In order to win their loyalty, you have to ask customers the right questions and take the right actions—every single time. Implementing a customer experience management (CXM) program that turns customer experiences into actionable insights can have a profound impact on your entire brand.

But how you collect that data is important. Brands have to balance the desire for substantial CX data with the risks associated with lengthy surveys—which can lead to a loss of patience and high abandonment rates. Time is precious, technology has advanced, and survey fatigue is real.

That’s where smart survey technology comes in—creating shorter, more customized surveys. By ingesting transaction data about the customer's visit, surveys can be more targeted to individual experiences. Customers appreciate the shorter feedback process, and brands benefit from richer insights.

Let’s take a look at 4 advantages of leveraging smart survey technology:

Shorter surveys

Through an application programming interface (API), purchase data is available in real time so transaction information doesn’t have to be manually entered by the customer. This eliminates the need to ask questions about aspects of the experience we already know, such as visit date and time, location, items ordered, and total spend. That helps cut off a substantial chunk of time in the survey—in fact, a POS smart survey can decrease survey duration by almost 4 minutes.

Targeted survey content

By eliminating those transactional questions, you can get right to the heart of the customer experience. Because of the technology’s product mapping ability, you can ask about product satisfaction without having to ask the customer what they purchased. And by building this more customer-centric survey, there’s a higher likelihood the respondent will retake the survey after another visit—which is critical.

The fact is, surveys that burden the respondent have a corrosive effect on the industry, and on the brand’s ability to capture meaningful feedback over time—so smart survey technology helps at a micro- and macro-level. We know because we’re constantly doing research on research to ensure SMG’s surveys provide an optimal respondent experience. In fact, a study conducted by an independent research firm found that respondents are 30% more highly likely to retake surveys for SMG clients compared to non-SMG clients.

Robust reporting

With less transactional questions, brands can also focus more on real-time tracking of things like limited time offers (LTOs) and seasonal promotions—bringing top-of-mind business metrics into the report-builder and adding even more value to your CX reporting. When launching new products and LTOs, access to real-time product feedback gives you timely insights on how they’re resonating with customers. And more immediate reporting means richer analysis—which replaces guesswork with informed strategic decisions.

Meaningful insight

With a much more seamless integration process, you’ll get more accurate data. The less information that is manually entered, the less chance of user error. And by omitting so many questions on the front end, you can go a click deeper into specific measures like Taste of Food or Availability of Merchandise—providing data for product-specific analysis. This can be very helpful for brands when making future business decisions.

Smart survey technology in action

An SMG restaurant client has had a lot of success with its recent implementation of smart survey technology. Their response rate is higher, abandonment rates are lower, and survey accuracy is stronger. They’ve also been able to receive customer feedback on a new product by asking specific questions to customers who ordered the LTO. This data has helped them make key business decisions about that item. And by using financial data at the transaction level and satisfaction metrics by product ordered, they’ve been able to launch more targeted marketing campaigns that better resonate with customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about our smart survey technology and how it supports SMG VisitView clients, check out our product piece.

Katie Miller | Associate Director of Client Insights

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