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Employee Spotlight | Jan 8, 2019 Employee Spotlight 01/08/19

Our Employee Spotlight series gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at what makes SMG work—our people. Learn more about our team and get to know Kylie Geiman—Research Analyst.


Tell us what an average day in the life is like for you.

A majority of my day is digging deep into data and searching for answers to my clients’ business questions. First, I meet with the team to collaborate and brainstorm about the brand we are working with, discuss their questions, and determine directions we could take. I then run analyses using our survey data, often linking it to the client’s data to prove out connections between customer perceptions and the brand’s internal metrics. I then meet with the team to build out the story we want to tell, bringing my data expertise to the room. The entire process is creative, fun, and intellectually challenging—we usually celebrate with a happy hour!

What is it like working on your team?

My team is great! I look forward to going to work and consider my teammates real-life friends. They are hard workers, smart, and genuinely care about each other. We take it seriously when it comes to being the best possible business partner for our clients, but we have fun while doing so.

What do you love most about your job?

The people, for sure. When you invest so much of your life in work, it is so important to love the culture. An added bonus is that the work is meaningful and enjoyable. My master’s degree is in communication and research, so I am in a dream role: a cross between analytics and communicating results in a way that is impactful and drives action.

How does your job contribute to our clients’ success?

The research role contributes in many ways to the success of our clients, as we are responsible for a majority of the manual analytics. Specifically, I am responsible for finding the insight. My job is to discover what is going to help make the client successful, while ensuring we are statistically confident that the course of action will improve the customer experience, increase loyalty, and enhance the financial performance of the client. 

What would you tell someone interested in joining the SMG team?

I would tell them that they are making a smart choice! SMG has a great culture and meaningful work. What a positive industry to be in—we are working to make people’s everyday experiences better and companies more successful.

How would you describe SMG in 3 words?

Fun. Impactful. Curious. Creative. Data-driven. Action-oriented. Client-centered. Sorry, I couldn’t pick just 3!


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