Data visualizations + smart surveys top list of Q1 tech enhancements

Bennett Gamel | Apr 16, 2019 Bennett Gamel 04/16/19

Tech moves fast, and SMG is investing more than ever in product development. A few weeks ago we talked about why continuous, universally available updates are an important tenet of a successful customer experience management (CEM) program—and the 4 benefits that come from that agile approach. Today I’ll share how that comes to life in our regular releases.

Over the last quarter we’ve heightened the focus on data visualizations in our text analytics platform. Because though open-ended feedback provides a wealth of information about the customer experience, the volume and complexity of the data can make it hard to know where to start and what to do. So we’ve gotten laser focused on making sure our tools are actionable and intuitive for the end user.

Here are just two notable tech enhancements from Q1 to give you a sense of the impactful changes we’re making. Both of these enhancements (and everything we do) are designed to make it faster and easier for clients to analyze, share, and act on insights.

  1. Text analytics category trend report

    The voice of the customer is fluid. And to know where to focus your efforts, you need to be able to easily identify trends in the customer experience. With up to 2 years of historical comments and weekly, monthly, and quarterly trend lines, this multi-source text analytics report highlights emerging trends in open-ended customer feedback. Prominent callouts for the percentage of relevant comments, total volume, and sentiment breakdown for each category help users prioritize next steps.



  2. Smart survey integration
    Surveys are ubiquitous and customer time has never been more valuable. So if you want their feedback, you’d better get to the point—fast. By ingesting transactional data about the customer's visit on the back-end, smart survey technology provides brands with shorter surveys, targeted questions, and more accurate CX data. This enhancement makes it faster and easier for customers to provide feedback, and by marrying information about their purchase behavior with their opinions, you have better information on which to act.

Each quarter we’ll highlight a few of our recent releases, so make sure you check back to find out about the latest ways we’re inspiring smart changes. We have plenty of impactful enhancements in the works, and we’re excited to continue evolving our technology in ways that benefit our clients.

In the meantime, if you want to see examples of the exciting ways data visualizations are enhancing our text analytics platform, check out our new best practice guide: 6 ways text analytics delivers better insights for better business outcomes.

Bennett Gamel | Vice President, Product Management
Customer Experience Update