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Bennett Gamel | May 23, 2019 Bennett Gamel 05/23/19

At SMG, we believe innovation is about providing strategic change—not just about delivering the next big, shiny thing. Because the truth is, it doesn’t matter much how cool a new product is. What really matters is how useful that new tool is. That’s why our technology roadmap is a carefully curated plan, one focused on helping our clients drive the right changes that create differentiated and memorable experiences.

We have 3 strategic areas of focus that serve as the guiding principles behind our technology vision:

  1. Feedback innovation: making it faster, easier, and more interesting for customers and employees to provide feedback
  2. Access + usability: making a tool smarter and easier to use
  3. Active insights: allowing you to take action across the organization and demonstrate impact to the business

By keeping these strategies front and center as we develop and execute our tech roadmap, we are able to provide our clients with a single source of information and stay on top of emerging trends. In a previous blog, we highlighted our Q1 enhancements, which include new text analytics data visualizations and smart survey integration. Both of these features are leveraging our advancements in data science that make our platform more powerful and help clients get insights quicker.

And we’re very excited about what’s to come. By doubling our tech team in the past 2 years and focusing on capability expansion, we are building on our industry-leading smg360® platform. From text analytics and case management to expanded social ratings tracking and website feedback measurement, our vision for change is laser-focused on inspiring smart changes that transform the way our clients do business.

For more on our how SMG’s best-in-class products, technologies, and insights are helping brands boost loyalty and improve business performance, check out what our clients have to say.

Bennett Gamel | Vice President, Product Management
Customer Experience Update