3 key takeaways from the Forrester CX NYC 2019 Conference

Courtney Garcia | Jun 27, 2019 Courtney Garcia 06/27/19

Our team recently had the pleasure of attending the Forrester CX Conference—an enlightening two days full of presentations from industry thought-leaders, inspiring breakout sessions with our peers, and valuable networking. We left feeling motivated and excited to share our learnings. 

Distilling the entire conference into a few brief paragraphs would be impossible task, so instead I’ll focus on some key themes that made a lasting impression on our team.

Uncover + deliver on your X1

Forrester founder, chairman, and CEO George F. Colony opened the conference by explaining that all experiences include an X1 (Experience 1) that transcends all other aspects of the experience. One example he shared included an airport that discovered restroom cleanliness as their X1, with overall satisfaction on that aspect directly correlated with shop and food sales. Another example included an airliner that identified cancelled flights as their X1 so they re-allocated efforts to reduce the occurrence.

He challenged us to define our own X1 and to determine how we can deliver on that aspect of the experience 100% of the time, even if that means shifting and reprioritizing resources. Too often companies attempt to invest and focus on every touchpoint of the customer experience and end up spreading their resources too thin. The key is to identify what’s most important to the customer and putting your resources toward that concentrated effort.


Define who you are

Rick Parrish, Forrester Principal Analyst, introduced us to Forrester's values-based experience framework and posed questions on how intensely a company should hold and express their values. Companies need to make conscious decisions about how much to bring moral, social, and political views into their business models and just as importantly, the intensity at which they depict those values to consumers. 

Rick highlighted Patagonia and TOMS as great examples of proactive value-based brands. Adam Blumenfeld, Director of Global Consumer Insights at TOMS, also shared how the company focuses on humanizing the experience and value-based marketing to engage in matters that are important to the brand and their customers.


Deliver prompt improvements to meet rising customer expectations

Our master of ceremonies Harley Manning—Forrester VP, Research Director—delivered a compelling presentation on changing the CX game by leading radical innovation to tackle rising customer expectations.

Through a creative airplane analogy, Harley defined these 6 steps to take in the face of headwinds:

  1. Find out what your customers really want
  2. Tackle political, social, and ethical issues head on
  3. Transform yourself into an effective change agent
  4. Help employees reach peak human potential
  5. Create a data-driven “privacy experience”
  6. Use research and design to create differentiation

Rising customer expectations require all of us to accelerate experience improvements—and to drive real change, we must challenge conventional wisdom on what’s important to customers in order to understand what really drives their loyalty (even if it’s not new or sexy).

And most importantly, the conference illuminated what we already hold near and dear to our CX hearts: customers matter more than ever, and it’s our responsibility to understand what they value, what motivates them, and what inspires them. We look forward to applying these Forrester learnings to our continued work in enhancing the customer experience and improving people’s lives.

Courtney Garcia | Director, Client Success 

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