Q2 tech enhancements provide richer context for a more intuitive user experience

Bennett Gamel | Jul 16, 2019 Bennett Gamel 07/16/19

SMG products and technologies are designed to inspire smart changes across our clients’ enterprise. By investing in regular updates, we make it faster and easier to listen to customers and employees, interpret the data, act on insights, and maximize impact.

Adding to our enhancements in Q1, we’ve made enormous progress over the past quarter. With a focus on feedback innovation, access + usability, and active insights, we rolled out more than a dozen new and advanced features that drive impactful changes. Here are a few notable enhancements:


eTrack session replay

SMG eTrack helps brands develop a deeper understanding of the customer’s e-commerce experience by measuring online navigation, content, function, and fulfillment. With the new eTrack enhancement, users can now link to a session replay—allowing for a greater understanding of the user journey and more intuitive context for survey scores + comments.



Thermostat card

This new reporting feature enables smg360® users to track the total number of bottom- or top-box responses for any measure at the location level—bringing awareness to KPIs with easy-to-read visualizations of goals + response thresholds.

With features like measure and response option configurations and color ranges based on set thresholds, the thermostat card provides a quick, digestible snapshot of response goals.



Text analytics dashboard cards

While the quantitative data from your customer experience management (CEM) program is invaluable, it’s often the customer comments that help you answer questions you never thought to ask. That’s why our AI-powered text analytics platform is one of our top priorities and an area where we’ll continue to invest. The latest enhancements include:

  • Word cloud This visualization highlights the top 40 words mentioned in customer comments, with the size of each word indicating total volume. Users can click any word to drill down and view all related comments alongside sentiment + other details.
  • Top topics – With carousel navigation, users can toggle between the top 10 mentions for categories and products, with the added ability to hover and see pertinent details like comment volume + sentiment breakdown. 
  • Category trends – This view shows how the top 6 categories are trending based on mentions and percentages, also allowing users to hover and see details like comment volume + sentiment breakdown.


More impactful enhancements to come

We’ll continue to highlight a few of our new and exciting innovations each quarter, so stay tuned for more. There’s a lot currently in the works and our next round of tech enhancements is sure to drive meaningful change for our clients.

Until then, learn more about the tech behind our AI-powered text analytics and download the guide: 6 ways text analytics delivers better insights for better business outcomes.


Bennett Gamel | Vice President, Product Management

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